Friday, March 15, 2013

my day without her

everything like happened in a second..
until now i'm actually not okay
i don't know how to describe my feeling, every time i think of her i still miss her badly
i don't know how to be okay . i don't know how to cure it .
i wish i'm a little stronger . a little.....
when people ask me how are you. are you okay. etc
i'll answer ya i'm alright but i'm actually not.
it's just so hard.. that i gonna be okay in a month time.
i'm with her until the last breathe of her life..
i'm the only one with her that time...
the moment of the nurse told me she's leaved......
i still wish it was a dream.....

i told her ,
i will be a good girl , i will stay strong
and i promise that will take good care of myself....
not to worry about me....
then she sleep peacefully...

whenever i'm home
i still not used to it....... no one could let me lay on..
i used to hug her everyday when i'm home.....
i know i'm like a baby girl......
i never think of that she will leave me so fast
i still remember last year i promise her..
after i work and i got saving i'll bring her to travel.....
i don't know when i'll be okay

in front of you all
i'll try to be okay.....
i understand well that you all are worry about me...
your word doesn't cure me from the pain and the lost..
the lost of a woman who used her whole life to love and care about me....
i've lost that.....
sometimes when i go the place we went together before,
i will think of her...
the way she nag me......
scold me......
and take care about me....
i still remember when i was going to have my eyes operation
the way she took care of me.....
every two hours help me to put eyes drop
every night she couldn't sleep well just worry about that i'll rub my eyes...
will help me to cover my blanket whenever i kick it off.......
sometime she's naughty , she will get mad of me..
i used to stick with her.......
until now i don't even delete her contact number in my phone........
the number that will never ring again.....

i've lost the one who love me for the whole of her life.
worried me until the last moment.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

memorable 21st

hahahaha.. harlo peoplesss!

after so long i only manage to update my blog. why?
since 7 august 2012 went for eyes check up at eyes specialist Pantai Indah Hospital.
got a very big surprise which is my left eyes after checking....
conclusion come out with a unexpected. retinal detachment.
the only way to cure it is OPERATION.
went for another hospital to check and still.. the same conclusion.
went to hospital ampang all the doctor said it quite serious and not to wait anymore because the longer time i wait the percentage of getting recover is lesser.
what a big present from the God right?
they refer me to Hospital Selayang for operation due to Hospital Ampang unable to do the operation.
admit to hospital on 8 august 2012 and operation on the same day.
doctor said that the operation expected time is 45 minutes to 1 hours.
but as for my case is much complicated. the operation go on for 4 hours which i'm awake. lol
doctor even chat with me during the operation time to avoid my nervous-ness.
after operation it took around 3 weeks plus to stable it.
but guess what?
went for check up again and doctor told me that
my eyes situation doesn't get better and need to go thru second operation.
admitted again on 4 september 2012
operation on 5 september 2012.
the same thing again. operation go on for 4 hours and the only different is this time i'm totally sleep.
awake , vomit , blood pressure went low after everything go home to stable it.
two weeks later,
another check up.
keep my finger crossed.. i wish it was a good news.
and finally.
yea! good news. doctor said the detach part stick back. :)
need another two weeks to let eyes pressure going low.
another two weeks later,
YESH! finally ~ doctor said it better and better!
but be prepared that, vision couldn't get back to before and there is some side effect.
is okay! at least i still got back my eyes. lol

above picture is the processing of getting recover.
from the first day out from operation until now.

give me some time! my pretty blink blink eyes will be back :D

that's all for today!! buhbye~

Monday, July 23, 2012

life goes on

a day with my super lazy mode ON. woke up early in the morning , get ready , off to work ! 
hardworking and good girl 
life still going on with a very good day by day 
monday wait friday ~ HAHA ! 
getting weird and fussy customer called in to ask some "cute" question. lol 
challenging yea. be patient to handle them ! ROAR 
scold them after they hang off ~ hahaha that's my bad habit 

thank god . today is 23 July . means august is coming ! public holiday is coming ! 
let's rock the partyyyyyyyy august baby~ 
i'm of the august baby . love august muchie 

currently, every saturday or sunday also outting 
i'm so poor now 
lol. but still i enjoy it 
after working for five days . the saturday and sunday is big love 
rest and hang out with the kakis !
movie . shopping . sing k . 
the love entertainment of mine 

life goes on . 
cheers and smile no matter what would happen !
no one can beat you up . 
fight for future . 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bonjour mercredi

good evening peoples! 

bonjour mercredi ~ 

time flies......... i start my NEW work for quite some time already ~
answering call everyday everyday EVERYDAY !
repeat and repeat the same thing..
working life kinda acceptable ~ enjoy-ing due to still new there
everything still light ~ hahahha haven't reach the heavy part yet :(
working at the office but wearing like going to shopping lol!
no need to be formal ! heehaaa~ sandals will do !
everyone there is okok , so good and kind ~
some of them very cute too..

other than working ,
every saturday or sunday i'll be outing with the friendsssssssss~
sing k , movie , shopping , eatting !
okayyyy i admit that i'm gaining weight. lol
become fat and fatter.

working working working ~
money money money !!
please come to mummy ~ HAHAHA~
likey the wednesday , because it will be near to friday .
i wanna sleep like a dead pig during saturday
enjoy my day out like a boss on saturday too !

life is full of challenge ~
life go on ! everyone CHEERS ~
- appreciate , cherish , treasure -

Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st July 2012

good evening bloggie !
is time to upppppppdate ~ hahahahhas
new work started for a week , doing what there? how's the life or environment there?
ermm.. everything so far so good. i'm still under training ~
the first day trainer on leave =.= so wait for the next day but actually the trainer quite busy. lol
everyday she got meeting and so on so on.
she train us about the product knowledge and system but just basic haven't go into it yet.
tomorrow which is monday will continue another training week !
hopefully is fun >_____<
cause the training actually quite boring..
sitting and listening.............. hurmm..
and first day work just sit with buddy
second day got chocolate from colleague~ :D
third day breakfast day ! go there earlier to have breakfast together with out team
fourth day training and discuss on friday
fifth day is theme day.. management have to wear back to school ! hahahahahah
for me? my theme is just simple ! which is CAP day ~
just wear my cap cap will do.

now it's July !
time flies........ i still remember my first job was at Genting on 19th March ~ and 25th June my second job started. hopefully is a better place for me to stay . i wish .
and pray hard that July is a better monthhhhhhh~

good luck to everyone !

that's all for today..
- xoxo -

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

♥ ♥ ♥

new work started - 25 June 2012 
first day of working at AIMIA ~ training but trainer on leave =..=
what i do there? 
sit beside senior listening to their call 
how's working life there? 
i got no idea. hopefully is a place that i can stay. i wish. really WISH 
pray hard. 
btw, office is freezing >___< 
keep on sneeze non stop 
and today i feel like my nose is not belong to me T______T 
even sore throat is starting to say HELLO to me. gosh i hate it. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

- expired post -

before start work . went to HOLIDAY at Penang with the gang 
wongwong, yangyang, yi how and lingling. 
a trip that full with food and drunk lol 
enjoyed with them. laugh , chat , eat , drink , drunk ! hahahahaha 
very nice enjoy before start work :) 

with yi how 

with wongwong

with yangyang 

with lingling 

another shot ! erhem.. when two girl got nothing to do............ xD 

breakfast at Ipoh - DimSum 

food food at penang 

chilling around the beach 

Hello PENANG ! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

after came back . went out sing k , movie and QuenQuen 
oh yea! 
she's so sweet.. even get me sticky ! she said is pressie for me to wish me all the best and good luck for my new job ! :D 
thank you QuenQuen ~ likey it so much 
she hide it inside her bag........ and before we back she gave it to me :)) 
awwww.. love to chill with her.. because when one sampat meet another sampat so we can sampat together ! hahahahahahhaha.. two people sing k.. can you imagine we laugh like hell and playing around there? 
fun , enjoy ! 

One ! 


Three !

always be us ! the one that ignore everyone around :) 
sing and shout ~ 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

other than that,
another one is lunchie day with the pretty Jace~ lunch with her before she leave WismaGenting.. lol
nom nom nom ! i even mention to her not to wear high heel on our lunch day! hahahahahaha
if not i gonna look like mini.. lol xD 
and yea, she wear flat shoes that day :D thank you to her! make us same size.. xoxo

Jace Jace 

take two !

take three.....!!
oh! yea.. not only lunch with her. but with another 3 friends too :) 



ngiekngiek~ and also congratulation to Jace that she going to say buhbyeeee to Wisma Genting ! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

my picture 
may all the best and good luck to me in my new company AIMIA 

add oil OneOne!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

J-U-N-E life

heyha people.. 
i'm actually free from Wisma Genting since 7 June 2012.
6 June my last day over there.. 
working as usual time 8am-6pm as CC call buzz.. 
call non stop call non stop ! 
after that lunch time went to one hub find my Eunice lengmama =) 
beside that~ 
after work stay there ask the one i know to take picha with me ! 
ngiek ngiek ngiek.. 
stay until 745pm -.- LOL 
what am i doing there? 
ermm.. chat , talk , gossip , take picha and wait for shinteng finish work back together..

picha time ! 

my supa dupa cute trainer BruceToh 

Customer Service -  ChengYen 

Customer Service - ChoyYee 

Customer Service - FionLim

Customer Service - JaceGoh

Customer Service - JackiePhang

Customer Service - MarcChai

Customer Service - HanKeat

Customer Service - LeonBeh

Customer Service TeamLeader - JuneLok

AVRD - KakIda 

AVRD - KakFiza

AVRD - MarinaWee

AVRD - PinkyYap

AVRD - Twen 

closed chapter for my WismaGenting life~ open a new page for my new life ! 
thank you for your support and guidance.. 

found new job at WismaUOA. 
will be start on 25th June 2012.. may all the best ba !
hopefully is a good company for me to stay.. 

add oil OneOne !