Friday, June 1, 2012

June . NewLife

say hi to people,
seem like long time I didn't update. 
still the same reason lazy and busy. lol
finally today i'm in the mood to update about my MAY life. 
busy attending friend's convocation, shopping, working
it's really happy when get to meet some friends that didn't get to see for a long time :)
have a very good talking session with them 
honestly i miss you all 
i miss the life that we can be together talk to each other all the time. 
after working~
everyone hardly could meet up :( 
have to plan and plan.. 
but at least 
when we meet we got plenty of topic to talk HAHAHAHA ! 

congratulation to all of you ! 

playing with you all is fun and happy ! 

this is about the convocation on 26th May 2012. 

beside that, 

another news of me 
which is........ i already resign from the suffering company. lol
officially notice to them on 29 May 2012. 
two week notice-ing.. 
my last day will be on 6 June 2012. 
hopefully i everything go on well 
new job start on 20 June 2012, got a little of time for me to rest before start a new job! 

sorry for wasting your time and appreciate the opportunities that given with your professional guidance and support. 
some of them might said that i'm so impulse to make this decision but ~ i actually asked quite number of people before i made this decision. I'm glad that i did it! 
nothing is important than my happiness 
working at the environment that i don't like at all is suffer. 
yes, i admit that not all of the people there are bad or what so called not good
of course got good people around too. 
it just that i choose to leave.. not to stay in a place that i don't like. 
but i'm glad that i meet some good / helpful / friendly colleagues there :) 
thank you for taking care of me in this two month time. 

countdown 5 more days to leave :) 

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