Sunday, August 15, 2010

byebye holiday..

good evening~!!

hurmm.. today is sunday~
which means....
is time to say BYE BYE to my holiday!!~
urghh.. time flies so fast..
today already is the last day of my semester break.. =(

BUT yet..

i'm still in my HOLIDAY MOOD!!~
although i spent my one week holiday
just staying at home
online-ing, fb-ing and tv-ing
but i still prefer to stay at home~

tomorrow is a new semester!!
5 subject in this sem~
will be tired because of too many classes.. LOL

both of it is waiting for me~ hahahaha..
after this semester..
need to get ready
going to INTERNSHIP for 3 months!!
time really passed very fast~
after internship..
i'm going to GRADUATE~
*wooo.. don't feel like graduate so fast.. hahahaha~

tomorrow is the 1st class..
at first i planning to skip it~
(hahaha.. *bad student.. lol)
but bear bear say if i skip tomorrow class
she going to angry me for ONE MONTH!!!!
so so so so...
have to go class tomorrow~ -,-''
BEAR BEAR arhhh~
i know u MISS me~ hahahahahahaXD
so i will show my face to you at tomorrow morning!!~

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