Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FRENCH class~

Bonjour~ perfect stranger~!

yesterday was my 1st FRENCH class..
the class is not bad quite interesting~
everyone of us like a new born baby learning how to talk~
lol.. imagine how funny is that.. xD
lecturer give everyone of us a French name..
mine is élodie
the name of everyone is quite funny when we pronouns it..
but the class continuous for two hours without any break..
quite tired too.. lol
i'm so CURIOUS what name will lecturer give to Yin..

after the french class.. we having hospitality law class..
lecturer is our 1st semester english lecturer..
he is quite funny also..
and trying to make the class more interesting..
but yet~
LAW is a boring subject..

he keep on tell us a " short cut " to memorize the note
which is.....
BURN the note and DRINK it~

but anyway both class is not that DRY~
doesn't feel sleepy~ lol..
beside that.. i'm quite scare about financial management~
because i don't know why
my calculation is very BAD~
i failed mathematic all the time when i was in secondary school..
except for my SPM.. the only time i pass it..

that's all for today~
i'm going to design my event ticket and poster~
ishh.. pray hard that i can do it~!

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