Saturday, January 1, 2011

~happy NEW year~

happy new year people~!!!! 
how you celebrate your new year today?? 
hehehehhe.. as me.. still doing the same thing~
stay at home watching drama and blogging.. teehee~! 
i enjoyed my life a lot.. 
as the one who know me.. 
i need to go internship on this month.. 
haihx.. sad case man~! 
people enjoying their chinese new year.. what about meeeeeeee~ 
need to work like nobody care? 
why la.. i don't want internship can?? 
one word to describe me is STUPID~! 
totally stupid~! 
why i choose the place that so far away from my home? 
else i still can enjoy my chinese new year.. T_T 
what if now i say i don't want to go so far? 
haihz.. stay at here only some of my gang..
almost all of them went there for internship.. so i followed the big gang.. LOL
how could i stay there for 3 months? hurmm.. *curious-ing* 
i gonna be homesick for 3 months? LOL.. 
maybe for the 1st week or 1st month i gonna miss my home a lots.. 
i think that after i become familiar it will be okay~ 
what am i worried about?
now is 1.1.2011....!!
but i still haven't receive any announcement from lecturer and the hotel.. 
it make me feel so nervous.. 
been asked this question for almost3 weeks? 
answered the question until i got no more answer.. LOL

i wanna go out enjoy my KL life before i leave.. 
hahahahahaha.. sound like i won't come back?! 
*choiiii a.k.a touch wood* ..!!!! hahahhahaha.. 

new year 
new life 
new begin

i wanna earn more money then go trip with my friends.. hehe.. 
*day dreaming* 
i wanna get a very good job.. teehee.. 
i want my parent and everyone that loved me healthy and good luck~! ^^

lastly.. why KL nowadays hot like nobody care? =( 
sweating like hell during sleeping just now.. 
the big big sun gonna melt me soon.. 
i'm so addicted to ice cream or ice.. that make me feel more cooooooooool~ xD
show you my snow flake picture that i ate last friday.. teehee~!!! 

yummy yummy* green tea longan snowflake~ 

chocolate mango snowflake.. *yum yum* 

lastly my camwhored picture~ ^^ 

that's all for my new year post.. teehee..!! 

thanks for reading my blog and happy new year~ 

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