Saturday, May 14, 2011

14 - 05 - 2011

afternoon people
my blog seem like so dead~
because i didn't update it often..
due to i'm so lazy.. lol
last few days went to watch movie with dear shinteng~
fast and furious five!!
a very nice movie and i'm willing to go for the second time!
dear willing to go for third time too.. hahaha
both of us got fast five sick i guess?
such a time didn't went out with her..
i miss her so muchie!
all the unhappy thing already pass..
so don't think about it so much~
we need to look for the future.. hehehe

going out to beauty fair with the girls later..
which is siewyan, hot mama a.k.a xiaoxiu, and yan~
after that tonight got a small gathering with eason, xiaoxiu, peiying and huikuan..
can't wait for that!
will post up picture if i took ya!

that's all.. hahahhaa..

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