Saturday, May 7, 2011

welcoming the new life~ ♥

wheeee.. today is saturdayyyyy~
and tomorrow is mother's day..
happy MAMA day to every mama.. =)
big huggies for my mum too~
mum.. i love you so much
and thanks for bring me to this beautiful world~
thank you so much and i LOVE you~ ^^

back to the topic!
welcoming new life~!
hooray~ today morning 09.58am there is a new life that just born~
is baby girl.. name Claire.. =)
welcome to this beautiful world baby Claire..
07-05-2011 , 09.58am~
and the next day is mother day..
what a good present for her mummy!
congratulation for my cousin..
the one family of them are rabbit baby~!
3 of them born in the rabbit year.. =)
how amazing is that?
hehehhehe.. and here is the picture of baby Claire..

congratulation~! ♥ 

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