Wednesday, June 22, 2011

♥ ♥ ♥

this time i suppose to be in my bed.. right..?
hurmmm.. but i still blogging here..
last sunday went out with my dear teng!
whee.. such a time didn't saw her..
miss her so much huh..
and i miss all my babies and dearies too..
we went to yamcha at in-house pandan indah~
take took some picture there too.. =)

guai wuu a.k.a ikan

my dear teng

me and dear

take two!

take three! and many more with dear~

me and ikan..

after that went to dear house and chill there..
other than that~
we went to pasar malam too..
take our dinner there and walk around..

and today!
went to college for classes..
the focus area of my exam paper..
such a sleepy day for today!
keep on "fishing".. LOL!

and tomorrow~!
i date some of them to sing k..
huhuhu.. finally!
they all can make it!!!
hopefully everything go on smoothly.. =)

that's all for today..
good night!

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