Sunday, June 26, 2011

sing K with college kaki

people... sorry for the late update..
this is expired post..
i went to sing k last wednesday with my college kaki a.k.a college mate..
we enjoy a lot that day..
thanks for everyone that make it that day..
which is my lovely mon-key a.k.a wenny , bearbear a.k.a vivi, bear boyfiee and WC..
red box law yat~ from 1pm to 4pm..
sing sing sing sing sing~~
play around.. taking picture and joke around too!

hopefully everyone enjoy that day..
as for me i enjoy a lot!
thank you! i love you all~!

not to mumbling so much..
is time to let you all view our picture! ^^

bear boyfiee and bear bear

my lovely mon-key

mon-key again... hahahahaha~! sing sing sing~ ^^

me and mon-key~ ^^

me and bear boyfiee

girl girl~ mon-key , me , and bear bear

4 of them~


me and bear bear~!

that's all for today~!!!


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