Saturday, July 2, 2011


i'm having exam on the coming tuesday!!!
gosh... i haven't study yet..
not in the mood to study at all.. where's my mood been? =(
the paper is the last paper of my diploma course..
after the paper.. no more diploma for me..!
i finished my diploma course.. hurmmm..
if i didn't failed this subject
i already done my course..
since i failed i need to re-sit it!
hopefully everything go on smoothly..
i can pass my paper..
i don't want a excellent result but
at least give me a PASS!

i'm so suffer..!
i don't know which way should i go..
everyone got their way already except for me..
still dreaming around without finding my way..
stupid me!
to continue study?
*i don't think i can handle degree assignment because its much more harder than diploma..
to work?
* i don't know what should i work.. hotel? too early for me.. sales? can i?
haihx haihx haihx!!!!

oh yea.. last few days
went to in house with my nyamuk and babe girlssss..
chit chat there
eat there
taking picture there..
whooo~! kinda enjoy! =D

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