Thursday, February 16, 2012

-- life --

say HI to everyone
is time to update my bloggie since i'm free tonight :D
actually.. planned to sleep early tonight cause tomorrow got work
work cancelled T__T
means no money no income.. aiks
and yea, today don't know is what lucky day of mine !
keep on bang here and there
from head to leg :(
my leg even bleeding but not a big case narr.. no worries

update about my life recently
being moody for some times
and stress for my BRIIIIIGHTT FUTURE
haihz.. i got no idea what i gonna do
no target , no goal ~ how to achieve?
is time to face the reality , hide away from this question for so long
i promised my family will work after chinese new year
but i still couldn't find any good / interested job yet :(
how could i wish that i'm like those others who glad of their job
happily went to work everyday ..
too bad i'm not..
while people think that i'm enjoying with no working ,
i'm actually stressed a lot about that !
lifeless , useless :(
people said i got diploma cert ma.. can find job easily and so on
but if you don't like that job it couldn't work out
i feel i'm so useless
can someone tell me what should i do?
what should i go for?
any intro?

kay kay .. skip the stressed and moody part
let's go to the happy and enjoy part .. LOL!

out with nyamuk for movie !! :3
i know she always lovely and caring friend !!
whenever she know i'm moody or not in the mood
she will be my listener / rubbish tong / clown
listen to me when i need to talk ~
take away my moody and emo throw it , recycle and process some laughter for me ~
always act cute to make me laugh~! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
she's really really lovely narr.. :3
bring me out la.. fetch me back home even she stay quite far *.*
worry about me and so on so on :)

p/s : the guys is nyamuk's brother a.k.a LALAT ~ hahahahahahaa!!
shen wei la.. xD

hahahhahahahahaha xD

beside that ,
i also out with my babe lingling a.k.a ki ling ko long and dearShinTeng xD
whenever we three get the time gather
we will laugh like mad people =.=
chat like the cafe we own it.. lol~!!
talk loud , laugh loud , sit / lay like our house .. >''<

three of them is my lovely lovely babe and dear !!

other than that ,
hang out with the college friend last wednesday :D
yey! finally get to meet them..
miss you all a lot :(
sing k for sure !!
too bad that CEO no more singing marathon from 11am-7pm ..
without that promotion the price are so so so so so darn expensive !!
red box law yat will do..
cheaper price..
sing , shout , laugh , chat !!

let's the picture do the talking :D

wenny a.k.a mon-key , mei mei (wenny's sister) , adery and me !

opssy!! i look fat .. T___T

my friends , thanks a lot for everything..
cheer me up when i'm moody / sad ,
be my listener / rubbish tong ,
pamper and care of me ,
give advice when i need it ,
last but not least
crazy with me :D

love you all muchie !!


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