Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new chapter opened :)

suppose to be sleep time but i'm still blogging.. 

-- The Chapter --

went to college with my junior slim and wenny on monday 
meet up time 11am but too bad i couldn't make it due to my lovely mum closed my alarm and wake me up half an hour later.. -.-ll 
so yea, i'm late~! reached college at 1130am.. luckily not too late else they gonna nag me.. lol 
raining in the morning *yawn*
took my Diploma Certificate !
which is i'm OFFICIALLY GRADUATED from SEGi college :)
study there for three years ! 
i learn a lots of thing there , meet new friends , got happy and crazy moment , sad and emo too!
the three years make me grow a lot! 
cert took means i'm not a student anymore 
no student price for movie 
no student price for sing k 
no student discount for food 
*what a sad case* 
now is time to closed my college life chapter 
open up a new chapter of my life !
the new chapter i don't know what i will learn , what i will gain 
but pray hard its good thing for me :)
i know i still have you all to be with me 


 my Diploma Certificate from SEGi College Kuala Lumpur 




结束就是 另一个 开始


各位 晚安

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