Monday, April 30, 2012

last April 2012 .

last day of April . 30/04/2012
the day that i snakey ~ just feel so lazy to work. :(
should slap me ! i know i shouldn't do so but yet i did.
T_T working life is like shitty life!
long hour less money
facing brainless customer and higher management.
regretted work in this department.
hardly can stand for this department , customer thinking they all is king . KING and QUEEN
give order and scold you like a dog. everything u did is wrong
even you're right but yet still WRONG
ask for help from the them,
they will be like depends on the mood
mood good help
bad mood scold and show you face.
i know you are higher position than me , but i'm still human being.
not animal or pet which that can let you scold
i got feel . i got mood . i got my temper
pray hard. release me as soon as possible
no release to other department , i might be the one who release myself from this shitty department.
i know working life is like that but hardly acceptable
hopefully i can face it . god bless.
feel so bad and unhappy working there. T^T
breakfast and lunch also ate bread for almost a month.
save cost.
no experience this is the life ! :(
miss the moment when studying .......
play and chat around.
do whatever i want..
time flies.

smile :)
hello may ! are you a good month for me?

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