Tuesday, April 10, 2012

unhappy . moody

i'm so die-ing of my job :(
sound like a easy job but not really
the guest that i handle most of them SUCK
now i realize i hate the word of CUSTOMER ALWAYS THE RIGHT very much
hate it till the max  
because of this word
everything that guest/customer scold i have to take it by myself
no one will help
teamleader? sit and laugh at you
superior? talk empty to help you
colleagues? yes. the only people that will help
but sometime they will engaged to the line too
telling the truth to customer but they don't even bother what you talking about
ignore your reason . continue scolding you .
satisfy ? NO . today is the day . on phone with the guest for 40 minutes + she scold me all the time .
tell her isn't my fault . but she can't understand my word and continue scolding
let her finish and cut off my line . hell thanks to you ! 
the 40 minutes really wonderful !
your daughter is daughter . me ? a dog is it?
bark like a shit ! i can't even fight back you just because of CUSTOMER ALWAYS THE RIGHT
bull you to the shit !
excuse me , what you tell me? i know is not your problem .
then why the fuck you scolding me?
bear in mind . think of people situation .
what if the one you scolding in the future is your daughter/son ?
i understand that's my job .
but please . not too over .
customer scolding , superior black face . ain't easy to take it
i'm not taking your salary ms superior , can you please don't show me your lovely face?
a little salary work like a billion salary people
you order i work
this is working life . climb as high as you can before people step on you !
try my best overcome it
hopefully i can do it

cheers please .

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