Friday, September 10, 2010


is time to update~
today is friday a.k.a hari raya holiday~!
selamat hari raya and happy holiday~!

wake up quite late today
cause i didn't set my alarm..
dream dream dream..
after that mama wake me up~
hurmm.. since is holiday most of the shop is not open..
i'm so lazy to go mamak to have my breakfast
guess what i eat for my breakfast??

taadaa~~ mooncake~! 

but i can't finish the whole mooncake..
just ate half of it~
then continue to online.. 

after that around 1pm something get ready and go shopping..
hurmm.. just shop awhile..
around 5 something take train and back home..
went there just to buy dress for my friends wedding..
their themes changed to white color.. 
which means the dress that i bought last few days need to.........
keep in one side~! TT.TT
waste my money.. 
why don't they tell me that changed to white color earlier~!
so that i can buy white color not grey..
money fly away from me..........
why girl have to wear skirt??
i look weird when i wear skirt.. ==''
is like alien when i wear skirt~! LOL..
but still have to wear.. 
i love pants more than skirt~
maybe i don't have nice body..
i don't like to wear skirt..

will update soon..
that's all for today~!
is  time to off.. 



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