Wednesday, September 29, 2010

home day~

today stay at home the whole day..
and the weather is so comfortable..
tomorrow gonna go for financial class.. 
omg.. i hate financial class!!!~
the class is superb boring..
the lecturer just keep on talk talk talk and talk..
he even don't let people talk while in the class..
is so hard to ask people not to open mouth..
how good if i can drop this subject.. 
then i no need to feel so stress when having his class..
someone help me please~!
why hotel course need to learn financial~~~~
how good if hotel course no need learn financial..
most of us is complaining about the new lecturer..
but we just complain among friends..

tomorrow is having french test..
OMG~! i havent study at all.. 
how to do ??
french is so hard~!
not only hard to pronouns but writing part is hard too~!
but if can choose..
i still prefer to choose french class rather than financial class.. xD
so sad........
can't choose.. 
have to take both subject~!

today i just keep doing nothing..
online-ing and watching tv~
so enjoy~!!
i love to stay at home..
i can do everything i want..
sleep sleep sleep..
hurmm.. anyone got what thing can make my panda eyes gone?!
my panda eyes is become so serious..
i don't want it~!
go away from me please~!!

hurmmm.. that's all for today~
just a random post..

my ugly picture..
take it during online.. heeeeee*

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