Sunday, September 12, 2010

sunday a.k.a sunny day

afternoon people~!
sunday sunday sunday
means holiday for office worker and student..
how you pass your holiday??
for me..
is just sitting at home
blogging, online-ing and of course watching some drama..

today weather is so SUNNY~!
which means weather is so hot!!
even though i sit bottom of the fan.. 
omg~! how come today so hot!!
the weather is totally killing me~! 
die-ing with the sun....
i wanna hide inside my fridge!! LOL

today i going to blog out about " dress "
on this saturday is my beloved friend wedding..
she called me and some of our friends to be her "ji mui" 
and the themes is white..
as u know i'm a girl who seldom wear dress or skirt..
i don't know why.. just i don't like to wear 
last few day went to shopping just to buy the dress..
and finally i got it~!
white dress.......... 
i don't know why i feel so weird when i wear the dress~
i feel like the dress doesn't match me..
maybe because i seldom wear it..
i prefer t-shirt with pants more than skirt.. lol

here is the picture of my dress.. 


wanna know how is it when i wear it?? xD

will got some picture that i wear the dress.. 
the dress can be wear with two type.. 

this is another way to wear it..
can be tube dress or tight it at the neck.. 

i'm so zhi-lian~! lol... 
anyone how know me they will know it.. hahahahhahaha..

btw.. ignore my messy room.. lol~!

and that's all for today.. 
thanks for reading.. and sorry if you don't like it..
i just wanna post out.. 
have a nice day~!!! =)


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