Friday, October 22, 2010


tut tut tut~
coming to update.. 
ermm.. a advice for all of you~
please drink more water nowadays..
weather is so unstable..
change everytime and anytime.. 
this second sunny 
another second will thunder..

back to the topic..
today having presentation in the morning class..
if i didn't present i will never go..
waste time and money only..
today is event presentation..
i'm doing pet world 2010 
as my topic..
very nervous..
although is not that much people there..
just a few..
guess what?!
only two chinese student.. =.=
which is me and bearbear boyfiee..
only both of us going because two of us having presentation..
i found out that my slideshow lack of point..
but nevermind i already present with the cacat slideshow.. lol..
even less than 20 slides..
just simply present what i know..
than ~
that's all..
hahahahha.. everyone is not paying attention.. lol~!
only a few people that listen what am i talking about..
should i go next week to support them??
hahahha.. let me think think~! 

by the way..
today bearbear boyfiee is so so so mulut gagak.. -,-''
we wait inside the classroom for almost half an hour
we decided to go eat..
while waiting the lift..
he say : later ms come out from life then no need eat already.. 
i say : =.='' what la you~!!! later she really come out then no eat aaaa~!!!!! 
lift open.........
hahaha.. ms is not there~!! 
*weeee.. went down to the ground floor..
inside life he say : later we saw ms crossing the road then no need eat.. 
i say : don't aaaaaaaa~ i'm hungry..
few second after that.. 
ms is crossing the road.. 
i was like.. OMG.. 
my food aaaaaaaaaaa..
then we laugh laugh laugh..
after that follow behind ms..
then i keep on complain..
ms say : go go go~ after eat only come back present... 
went to eat.. 

here is the picture that i do for my slideshow.. 

this is what i present~!!! ^^

is it cute?? =3 

doggie that going for competition.. is so cuteeeeee~!!!

i love this~~~~~~ 


lastly.. is this~!!
the doggie with model.. nice?? 
if have the chance.. i will go there to have a look about the event~! ^^

ermm.. that's all for today..
i want to go for my thai drama.. 

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