Friday, August 12, 2011


good evening people!
today is 12 august 2011 which is mother day in thailand!
as i'm half of thailand people.. happy mother day to all the mummy in the world~!
i love you mummy!
by the way.. i started to ignore my blog.. -,-
i'm sorry.. i'm just too lazy to update it.. hahahaha..

omg.. i'm so suffer this few days! not feeling well..
fever, flu, sore throat ! all come in the same day..
maybe is last few days went out the whole day and the next day i still go out and get wet due to rain..
where did i go?
went out with my babies and dearies on the tuesday!
afternoon went to sing k.. from 3pm-6pm
bowling after sing K~ bowling with edwin fung too! such a long time didn't meet him..
he's gaining weight.. -,- chubby boy! hahahahahha..
after bowling went to old town! and guess what..? got a superb bad waitress there!
named Norrul.. if i'm not mistaken..
she talk to customer in a very rude way and show us the yong shui face! hemph!!
finished a bad mood yamcha went to sg wang cause babe wanna do some manicure.. but but but
only one nail~ ONLY ONE! hahahahaha..
after that went back to law yat.. wait for uncle Jerry..
wait what? we dated them to steamboat after their work.. which is 10pm++..
that's supper for us.. lol! fat die~ *faint* hahahhaa..
dik dok dik dok..
time pass..
back to times square because our car parked there..
fetch him to the mines and catch up with his wife and friends..
went to the place to steamboat..
not really fun thou..
because of the cacat designed of the steamboat thingy.. lol!
we ate until 1am.. -,-
it cost rm26 per person.. is a buffet steamboat..
err.. for me.. not really nice.. but i just enjoy the moment be with my babes and dearies!
went home after that..

the next day.....
around 11am.. guai wuu a.k.a ikan (the boss of the day) he came and fetch me to balakong for lunch with dear teng~! *he's just so sweet* wahahahahahahaa.. praise him for awhile because he's the one who sign the bill that day~~ hahhahaha..
reach there and went to dear office for awhile.. then bring her to lunch..
actually should be she bring us.. lol..
waited for almost one hour for our lunch..
three of us like........... HUNGRY!!!!
at last the food came.. yum yum yum~!
after that.. rain heavily outside.. T_T
we have to walk under the rain to get back to her office..
3 of us wet~~~ luckily i got wear cap..
but still wet!
after that me and guai wuu back home home~ he send me back to my house and he went to somewhere else.. lol..

at night.. started not feeling well.. and fever! T_T
i'm just too easy to fall as sick.. T_T
now sitting in front of lappy with a roll of tissue..
flu flu flu!!!
can't breathe..

i don't care! die sunday also wanna go out with my babies and dearies!!!!! wahahahaha..
waiting waiting waitng~!

that's all for today!
picture i lazy to post~ forgive me.. because i'm sick person! LOL!!!

buhbye ♡♡

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