Thursday, August 4, 2011

c'est la vie

bonjour people!
such a long time that i didn't come and update my blog..
i know my blog is so dead.. sorry!
i had been busy to going back Thailand last few weeks..
stay there for one week plus.. to help my aunty~
but most of the time i will spend with my cousin~
she is the one who bring me here and there like for lunch, tea, dinner~
this time go back i'm so lazy and snake..
stick with cousin no need to work for so long time~
some picture of my cousin..

don't misunderstand.. she is just one of my younger cousin~ not the one who bring me here and there.. lol

taadaa! she is the one who i stick together most of the time..

after come back from Thailand.. continue my life~ which is stay-at-home-doing-nothing! hahaha..
i know i'm wasted of time.. time is money.. but i still wasting it like just stay at home~
other than stay at home, i also went out with some of my babes and dearies!
i come back on Sunday~
go to sing K with them on 2nd august..
i really enjoy a lot! from 5pm-10pm!!
la~la~la~ sing a lot of song.. and and and!! we plan to go again on next monday~! ^^
hopefully everything smoothly....... *pray hard*
Is time to upload some of the picture~! *wheeeee*

my both babies and dearies~!
only 3 of us go to sing~ one people one mic! hahahahaha..

3 of us! *friendsss foreverrrrr* love you girls so much!

me and dear shin teng!!

me and babe shanny!!

after that me and shanny send shinteng back home~ she's so tired..
me and babe shanny went to black and white cafe for supper!
we ordered spaghetti and mushroom soup~! *yum yum*

oh yea!
and yesterday night went to yamcha with guai wuu, papa edwin and choon..
chill at black and white..
chit chatting and doing some stupid thing which is play our phone.. -,-
and and and
the most important is 3 of them are professional SMOKER!
*i'm die-ing*
but.. at least they didn't smoke too much if not i gonna bang wall.. LOL!
some picture of us!

smoker 1 - Edwin Papa

smoker 2 - Choon

another smoker 3 - guai wuu a.k.a ikan
due to can't post that picture out so i just list his name! hahahahahahaha!!

me and guai wuu

me and edwin papa

me and choon


they bully me!! not only me.. my cap also..
can see what is there? cigarette!!! T_T pity my cap!

that's life  - c'est la vie!

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