Thursday, August 25, 2011

one of the week in august

hellow people! it been a time i didn't update my blog..
i'm just so lazy.. -,- slap me please.. lol

from last sunday which is 21.08.2011 that day is my beloved lovely babe shanny birthday!
*happy birthday to her*
i already send my best wishes to her through facebook and SMS too! =)
hope that she happy and enjoy that day!
other than that, on sunday i went to dear teng house too!
for what? nar.. just to have a girls talking session with her.. lol..
find her after my brunch with mummy and mum's friend..
guess what?! that time is around 1pm? she still haven't bath! hahahahaha~!
she gonna kill me after read this post.. XD
forgive me please!
gossip-ing with her for a moment then she went to bath and get ready to go out..
where we go? we went to find aunty.. for showing that dear still in a good condition!!
after that................
petrol still got a lot.. we went to fetch that guai wuu from the hill..
then went to have a yamcha time!
caffeinees at kampung pandan which is near by the times square bridge
*around that area la.. *
due to that guai wuu want to accompany his aunty to have dinner..
we just chill there until 6pm..
after bill~ go to his aunty house to fetch his aunty to dinner..
negotiating where to go *not me and teng job but is guai wuu and his aunty job*
me and teng just sit there and wait for the conclusion.. XD
lastly ----> Quan Cafe Pandan Indah
after dinner both of them send his aunty and me home~
picture time !

the environment and our drinks

our drinks -- berry go around *which is strawberry* , jasmine tea , honey milk

3 of us!

that's all for that day.. not that much picture for caffeinees.. and dinner all busy eating didn't took any picture there..

monday 22.08.2011

monday! wake up quite early that day..
why? accompany mummy to do something at the bank! after that brunch with her and her friends..
while having my brunch, dear teng called me and said that she need to go out for awhile..
so i no need to go to  her house after finished.. she will fetch me!!!
since she say so...... i back home and wait her~~~
online, fb-ing while waiting.. LOL!
meanwhile she called me and tell me that she's on the way..
get ready and meet her up!
we went to her car~~ her bou buii satria neo~~
her bou buii satria neo white white is BACK! but.. guess what?!
both of us feel dizzy when sitting inside that car.. >''<
maybe we don't used to it yet~ hahahahaah..
finally her car is BACK! after took the car from kajang~
KAJANG!! all the way drive to there to take her car.. far far far~~
back to pandan indah after settle something..
went to in-house cafe to yamcha yamcha~
both of us wanted to go black and white.. but too bad~ no parking there..
so in-house cafe our second choice..
drink drink drink
chat chat chat
and home sweet home after that!! =)
*p/s : no picture for that day*

tuesday -- 23.08.2011

another early morning have to wake up day!
why? because i dated my mon-key at college..
wake up at 9am.. bath.. online.. and get ready to go to LRT station~
*a very very very very BIG thank you to my dear teng**
she sent me to LRT station that morning~ how lovely are she~~~
tuesday morning which is a raining day!
i wish that, i was hiding inside my blanket that day.. too bad~~~
back to the topic..
actually not only mon-key i dated..
still got another friend ! which is nyamuk!!
date mon-key for brunch at college area.. but she ate before she come and meet me..
conclusion.. i'm eating alone and she's just accompany me!
what i eat? McDonald! by the way, not only mon-key but with another friend too!!
adery slim! he was there too~!
chat chat chat ..
gossip-ing gossip-ing gossip-ing

around 1pm++ go to LRT station and took train to Bandar Tun Razak to meet nyamuk there..
she gonna pick me up over there..
oh yea.. she tag her brother along.. so her brother be our driver that day!
went to mid valley for movie, shopping and sushi zanmai!
after parked the car went to buy movie ticket! Love Is The Only Answer!!
the movie that i wish to watch badlyyyyyy..
i saw li yuen there too! i know she's working there.. so go find her and chat awhile.. lol
movie started at 3.30pm..
while waiting the movie start me and nyamuk go to shopping awhile..
what i get? i get myself a watch~! not a expensive watch just those cheap cheap watch.. but i like it!
the watch was on promotion ! buy two for rm50.. so i bought two!
one is for mine another one for dear teng.. *i help her buy niaa* XD
movie movie movie..........
after movie took some picture around there and head to sushi zanmai!
my dinner~~~~~
is so nice and the price is still affordable!
we need go there early if not need to queue up so looooonggg~
eat eat eat
chat chat chat
took pic took pic~!!
while playing with the camera
nyamuk took out a card a slide it at my cap..
that time i thought is menu card.. -,- ii take it out and saw my face there.. hahhahaha
so surprise! thank you nyamuk..
after i read my card......
she take out a present from her bag! LOL
i'm so happy!! she present me a earphone.. purple color!! XD
thank you thank you thank you nyamuk!!
i love it~! although is not a expensive gift but yet is still your heart that you think of me and buy for me!
thank you!! =D
beside that, we saw Irynn there too! hahaahahaha..
finished our dinner went to walk awhile..
and took some picture!

picture time!!

me and mon-key!

me and nyamuk!

nyamuk brother , nyamuk , and me!

my present and card~! thank you nyamuk!!

purple earphone! thank you !

sushi zanmai

our food

me ! me ! me !

the garden

me again~ hahahahaha..

me and li yuen

lastly , me and nyamuk!

thanks for the early celebration! thank you very much..
thanks for being my friend! care me , sayang me , comfort me , suggest me , help me , whenever i need you , you will be there for me! you said it and you mean it ! you promise and you do it!
this is you! the lovely nyamuk of mine! ^^

that's all for today!!

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