Thursday, January 26, 2012


errr.. i should say good night now?
hurmmm.. suddenly feel like updating my blog about my WONDERFUL chinese new year
day one , day two and day three -.-ll
for the one who know about it.. hahahahaha.. you can skip this part.. lol

day one

wake up early in the morning , went out to breakfast with parent :)
good girl me!
after that back to sweet home get red packet from daddy and mummy
in meanwhile back to lovely bed and continue my dreaming until evening -.-ll
wake up - online - bath - online - sleep
that's all for my day one
-.- wonderful isn't it ?

day two

wake up in the morning again and breakfast as well
back home
online - watching drama - sleep
dinner with aunty and family then accompany guaii wuu supper at McDonald
home and sleep -.-ll

day three

slightly different from day one and two because dear shinteng is back from hometown..
lunch with her and off to her house..
what we doing there?
watching tv.. -.-ll
so darn bored chinese new year !!
call this one not free , call that one not around =x
feel so stress for this chinese new year

thanks to the one who accompany me!
you know who you are.. :)
thank you!

on 26th January 2012
i will be off to thailand , hatyai with my mum and mum's friends
to walk walk around there..
thanks to dear for borrowing me her camera :D
thank you dear!!
will be back on February
don't so miss me Kay?
will buy you thingy.. :)


enjoy! :)

p/s : will update when i'm back

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  1. wonderful man! i planned to bring u along next year Chinese New Year! u wan penang or kl or melaka ?