Sunday, January 22, 2012

chinese new year eve

22.01.2012 Chinese New Year Eve ~ 
advanced Gong Xi Fa Caii to everyone of my friends and Happy Holiday to you all ! 
reunion dinner tonight with the family :)) 
simple dishes , full of love , delicious ! 
not a very big family narr.. just three of us 
mummy , daddy and me 
no need to cook so much ~ as long as 3 of us eat together 
this is the most happiest thing 
happy dragon year 
hope everyone HUAT ARRR!! 
all the best in the future 

RAWWRRR!! dragon :D 

happy chinese new year , gong xii fa caiii , happy dragon year !! 

how you gonna celebrate your chinese new year ?
as for me , maybe just stay at home for the first , second day 
after that i'll be off to Thailand for few days! 
i might crazy shopping there.. lol !! 
dear lovely money , can you please born more child in my purse? :D 
i don't mind if you call all your sibling to come! hahahahaha

countdown start : 3 more days !! 
hopefully everything go on smoothly and all the best 

huat arrrrrr!! ong aaaaaa~~!! 

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