Sunday, January 15, 2012

week of January

is time to update my blog , let it dead for so long =.=
i'm so busyyyyyy kay?
busy outing , yamcha , shopping and working.. lol
please don't be curious about my working.. i just work as part time.. hahaha
haven't found any job yet.. =x

a year that i hopefully everything gonna be fine..
being emo sometimes :(
i don't know why........ i wanna let it go! i wanna be happy too!
the moment i can forget everything is when i'm busy with all my friends..
cause they can bring laughter for me
thanks to them..

since chinese new year is around the corner......
everyone is busy go to shopping!!
can the money drop from the sky? LOL!
i want money to shopping too..!!
work for last saturday and sunday.. *boringhell*
seldom got people pass by there and will buy it -.-ll
the only good thing is.........
no one will check on you while working.. lol
so that i'm able to snakeeeeeee.. xD

schedule of this week ~

- monday -
out with my dear for late brunch due to i been ffk by my friend -.-

- tuesday -
out with Vivian a.k.a Bear Yong at The Curve , One Utama , Sunway Giza.. special thanks to the driver of the day Mr. WeiChet.. lol!! after fetching Vivi back.. off to yamcha with him and CCT at pandan indah area..

- wednesday -
out with my dear for brunch again.. and i been ffk again -.- *hellyeah*

- thursday -
awww.. last minute plan~ out with my lovely nyamuk and her brother.. went for a movie at MidValley.. thanks to Reuben.. -.-ll we're big big late until we miss out the front part.. =.= cause i went to take my salary at college.. lol.. after movie walk around for 15 minutes? then off to car park and ciao to maluri to have our dinner! steamboat steamboat~ :D oh yea, with nyamuk's brother girlfriend too..
they both eat so much so much.. -.-ll off to momo's cafe for ur yamcha session! home sweet home **

- friday -
accompany dear shinteng to buy lens back home and went out at 1130pm to fetch up our babe Shanny!! miss her badly.. but too bad i can't back late :( after pick her up then fetch me back home.. T^T sorry babe!!

- saturday -
headache in the early morning :( so didn't went out afternoon.. but but but went out at night.. lol!
i don't care~ not feeling well also wanna go meet up my babe Elaine a.k.a ki ling ko long~ xD planned to Tesco Ampang for our dinner.. nom nom nom!! pizza hut.. -.-ll a very happy moment with them........ now i got sore throat , flu..
please do let me complain awhile about the pizza hut there.. =.=
service no good!! let us wait so long for the take away food and then show us the "black face" when we ask some question.. wtf..!! chicken wing take away wait for almost one hour?! after that , they still charge me for the food that i have cancelled!!!!!!!!! went back there to get my money back =.=
shop awhile and home sweet home due to me and shinteng wanna delivery chicken wing to our love one.. as for me , i wanna delivery to my mummy.. and she wanna delivery for her boyfie.. lol!

- sunday -
will be out with my lovely mon-key a.k.a wenny and adery for shopping session! oh my money!! can you please come back to me?! if not i got no money to shop.. :(

and yea ,
i think some of them gonna boom me soon due to my super late upload picture!! hahahahahahahaxD
pardon me , i'm so lazy + busy nowadays..
next week have to work for three days!! wish me luck wish me luck!!

hopefully everything gonna be fine! 
OneOne add oil !! :) 

working working day!! 

out with ms. Bear a.k.a Vivian 

 the driver a.k.a WeiChet 

out with my lovely nyamuk 

nyamuk in the house!! lol~ xD

with my babe Elaine a.k.a ki ling ko long ~ :3

three of us!! :3 

can't wait for the next outing with you all :) 
thanks for everything ! 

it's 1.15am now.. 
hellyeah goodnight and sweetdream to all of you~ 

please don't get sick!!!!!!! :( 
flu and sore throat shoooooooooooo away please.. 


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