Monday, March 5, 2012


Hello people!
It’s been a time that I didn’t update my blog, but when I’m in the mood to update it. the most “lovely TM” was bullying me !! guess what ? I can’t online for few days due to the what-so-called SYSTEM DOWN ! T____T

What I’m going to post is about my interview ! went to interview on Saturday 3/3/2012 at Wisma Genting. Interview time is 10am and we reach there earlier to give people a good image! LOL~! Hahahahah.. thanks to Mr Manson that fetch us from Pandan Indah to Pavilion.. Big Big Thank You to him~ xD *clap clap*
Interview interview .. hurmmm.. Hopefully everything going well ~ asked us some question and tell us about the details that work there.. Went for breakfast with Manson and Teng ate yong taufu! *nom nom nom*

Guess what? Went to Teng’s house to sleep a.k.a charge energy before the movie at night!
“Devil inside” at 1040pm with babe lingling , wongwong , yangyang and how wong.. *scary nie*.. before movie I told them not to scared me but but but that lingling and wongwong both people keep on scared me!! T__T but.. that movie not that nice, bad ending -.-ll
After movie went for supper at In House Café , Mahkota Cheras there.. supper supper ~ chit chatting , gossiping around until 2am and ciao back to home sweet home ! the most worst is.. the next morning means Sunday I have to wake up at 7am+.. ohmygosh! I feel so sleepy ~

Orientation !!! I don’t know why their orientation quite special cause they not introducing people around but they let us sit beside the operator and listen what they doing. Thanks to them that teach me and let me know more about what I gonna do soon.. after orientation, the person in charge told us that we have to wait for their update either they gonna hire us or not !

WISH ME LUCK please!

And yea,


Love you to the max! Wish all your dream come true and stay pretty as always :D
Even while your party I can’t be with you , but at least you know that I’m always beside you !

That’s all for today update !

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