Saturday, March 17, 2012

what a life

good morning? hahahaha..

Saturday interview , Sunday Orientation , Wednesday first day working / training and Friday Resigned 

gonna post out about my job recently
as i told at previous post that i'm going for training / working on wednesday
everything goes on smoothly
i get to know about that more and trying / learning it..
when finished work, shinteng told me that her friend which is her buddy of that day told her that another side of Wisma Genting is having two vacancy.. so we decided to go for interview
at first , we thought of working on both side which is two job for us..
and the final decision is we give up the part time job and concentrate to the office full time job..
we couldn't make it for the part time job due to we scare that we can't handle on both side
because it been a long time we didn't come out and work :(
so mummy and some of my friends said,
better concentrate and work on one job first..
wait until i get used to the job only consider about work on part time job..
what they said is right..
if i work on both side it's consider as i'm torturing myself by working both job
wake up early in the morning . sleepless due to work on part time job
they said i'm just gonna find income not torturing myself by work on both side..
made my decision

wish me luck !

full time job gonna be tough and i will try my best to learn and do my best !!

plan . do . achieve my goal !

fight with me . k ? :))

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