Thursday, March 29, 2012

working life

evening people! my blog was so dead due to my laziness and i'm just so lazy and busy ~ LOL
busy what? busy working of course ~ :D currently , i'm working at Wisma Genting as a customer service operator~ working life is so tiring and lack of time :((
work like nobody business WORK WORK WORK
until lack of time.. no time to go out no money to yamcha lol
spend a lot this month !
for my office / formal clothes , bag , shoes :(
and a big GOOD news is ....... this month salary will delay to end of April only get it
haihz.. eat bread the whole month
maybe i will loss some weight? xD
hahahahahaha.. hopefully !! LOL~
after i get my salary i will go and eat something nice =.=ll
god bless me !
hopefully everything go on smoothly while working
no customer complaint
no customer scold me
no customer rude to me
get more more more salary xD
*day dreaming*

happy working :)
good luck to me !

buhbye ! :3

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