Tuesday, December 21, 2010

fashion show event and BBQ

yo! people~! 
is time to update my blog again.. 
sorry for the big delayed.. 
actually wanna update it yesterday but my "beloved" line is really suck~! 
don't even able to connect to the internet.. stupid!! 
fine.. stop mumbling..
- back to the topic - 

fashion show event that held on 18.12.2010~ last saturday.. 
we been start to collect all the information and prepared for the event since June.. 
everything didn't run smoothly at the first of it.. 
sponsorship couldn't any sponsor at the first~ and everything delayed due to our exam and holidays..
at the very last minute.. ticket and banner printed out.. 
we only have 1 or 2 week to sell our ticket?? 
if we didn't manage to sell them out we gonna paid it by our money~! 
add on.. one ticket is cost rm50.. not a cheap price.. *for me is super expensive* 
until the due date some of my friend still doesn't manage to sell it.. they gonna pay by their money.. 
but some of them manage to sell it.. *big clap clapss for them*

on 18.12.2010~ everyone need to be in college before 10am.. 
for all the crew we need to go there so early because wanna prepared all the stuff and rehearsal.. 
our lecturer is late.. she reached college around 12pm? 
everyone pissed off.. LOL
when she reached we still need to wait for the van to fetch us to the venue.. 
because we don't have car and any transport.. 
after awhile the van finally came.. lol.. 
guess what?! the driver is our class mate.. hahahahhaa.. 
*laughing like hell* when i saw the driver.. and due to our limited budget.. 
the van is............ super old~! 

reached the venue start to work.. doing all the stuff and bla bla bla.. 
after done all the thing.. around 4pm something everyone get ready to go bath and rest awhile.. 
for girls, our dress code is black dress.. so everyone changed to black dress.. 
and 8pm something finally the event started.. 
all the guest starting to come one by one.. and the food came out one by one too.. 
the show is started.. there are a lots of performance.. 
such as dancing, singing and for sure is fashion show.. 
ended everything then.. is time to home sweet home~!
that day go back with xx and her bf.. 
thanks to her very much for sending me home and bring me go to supper.. 
thank you~! 

let's the picture do the talking.. !! 
enjoy people~! 

 our gang! 

me and suji

me and carmen

me, mon-key and bear bear

me and bear bear

me and yin

me and mon-key~ 

the gang again~ =)

enough of college picture.. 
now is the event picture~ 

the boys and girlsss.. 

hahahhahahahaahhaXD~ *laughing like hell~!!! 

me and xx

me and darling alysha.. 

the girlsss.. 

me and carmen

me , bearbear and the modelsss.. 

me and bear bear

me, bear bear and yin

me and mon-key

me and yin

me and pamela

me and xx again~ xD

wenny and her boyfiee.. 
so sweet of them~! 

end with the event post~ 

is time to post about BBQ that we held on 19.12.2010
the day after fashion show event.. =)
place at WC house.. 
that day take train to bandar tasik selatan and wait for mon-key and her boyfiee the fetch us.. 
during on the way to WC house.. we all are lost.. cause no one know how to go to WC house.. 
CCT just guess the way.. he is not sure.. =,='' 
from bandar tasik selatan we drive until maluri.. LOL
everyone stomach is singing that time.. grrr grrr grrr.. 
luckily we manage to find the place at the last.. or else we gonna BBQ at other place.. hahahaxD
nothing much to write.. 
because reached there the first thing is get ready to eat eat eat.. 
a lots of food there.. xx and her boyfiee buy a lots~!! 
at the end we still can't finish that.. hurmm.. 
let WC to steamboat for the ext day.. LOL~! 

here you go.. 
some of the picture that i took.. 

me and mon-key~! 

take 2~ took it during waiting her boyfiee to buy iceeeee.. 

chicken wing and otak-otak~! 


a part of our food.. =)

me and mon-key playing with prawn.. xD


xx and her boyfiee.. 

mon-key and her boyfiee

WC and his gf~



wenny and her boyfiee.. 
both of them really sweet~!! 
by the way.. this picture is wenny already on the way to drunk.. lol

okiess.. that's all for today.. 
i will end my post with the super sweet picture that i took for wenny and her boyfiee.. =) 

how sweet of them~ =) 

 our event.. it might not the perfect as others~ but at least we enjoyed the moment.. 
thanks for the one who came to support.. 
thanks to everyone.. 

more picture been uploaded to facebook.. teeheee~! 
that all for my fashion show and BBQ post~

ciao ~ 

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