Friday, December 31, 2010

outing with beloved nyamuk and mon-key

sorry people.. 
is a very late post.. 
this post suppose to be done yesterday.. but due to my laziness.. i delayed it.. 
lol.. this few days back i was busy chasing drama.. =.='' 

back to the topic.. 
outing with the girls is fun.. ^^ 
we planned to go sing k in the afternoon then yamcha awhile~ 
sing k at green box sg wang~ and yamcha at tong shui shop.. *yum yum* 

i gonna make it short.. which means not going to write that much.. 
picture talking kay? 
even you say NO i gonna let the picture talking.. *hahhahaha* 

here you GO~! 

3 of us~! 
both of my beloved nyamuk and mon-key~ ^^

me and mon-key

me and nyamuk~ 

our tong shui~ 

mon-key~ ^^

photographer nyamuk~ hahahahaha

during me and nyamuk go back.. there are super duper heavy rain.. 

that's all for the outing post ya~! 
hope that you enjoyed.. ^^ 

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