Wednesday, December 1, 2010

revison day 1 and 2 ♥

hello people.. 
is time update my bloggie~ 

today is the 1st day of December which means is the last month for 2010..
time flies.. 
2010 gonna end soon.. 
what i did during 2010?? 
ermm.. study.. play.. enjoy~!
hahahaha.. life is easy and simple.. 
since is december which means our EXAM is gonna start.. 
1st paper on this coming friday.. 
financial management paper.. =( 
calculation calculation and calculation~!!! 
friday is our exam day..
so we planned to go revision at college.. 
me, mon-key, slim, alysha and suji.. 
five of us~!! 

the 1st day of revision on tuesday.. 
time is 11.00am~ 
venue is library for sure..
on that day.. 
wake up around 9 something and slowly say byebye to my bed~
then get ready to go college~!!! 
when i reached college.. mon-key is there already~! 
she is so early.. hahaha.. 
meet her and go to take breakfast together at aunty lorong there.. 
after that they all come one by one.. 
finished breakfast~
is time to head to libraryyyyyy.. 
get a room to do our revision and waiting for suji.. 
chit chatting for awhile then started to study..
everyone look nervous for this paper~ 
hurmm.. cause no one understand about it.. 
but luckily at the last we understand~ 
and we "budgeted" our answer for the exam.. hahahahha.. 
2 something that time we should be having meeting.. 
me, mon-key and slim didn't go~ xD
we go lab for awhile then ciao~! 
others all are going to the meeting.. except us.. lol
home sweet home after that.. 

come to day 2~!!! 

actually is almost the same as day one~
the thing that different is we didn't study at library because of library is FULL house.. -,-'' 
head to empty classroom.. 
and finally we found~!! 
but the classroom no air-cond.. 
aiya.. no air-cond also have to study cause no choice.. 
study study study~! 
after that chit chatting for our internship thingy.. 
planning this and that.. 
after chit chatting everyone is like not in-the-mood to study.. 
started to feel sleepy already.. hahahaha.. 
after that.. 
we changed to other classroom that got air-cond..
waaaa.. everyone feel so comfortable.. and sleepy.. -,-'' 
hahahaha.. due to the weather make us feel more sleepy..
cause that time is raining heavily~!
not only that~ 
we're in-the-mood of taking picture.. 

ka chak~ ka chak~! 
let's the picture do talking...........

concentrating... =)

while studying play with the mamee.. 

me and beloved mon-key~ 

me and suji~ 

me and darling alysha~ 

me and slim a.k.a the only guy in our revision group~ teeheee~! 

our messy table~


hahahaha.. our snack and drinks.. 
p/s : we're not having party.. hahahaha

darling alysha and choki choki~ 

die-ing with the calculation part~ lol~!

is time to have our group photo.. 
group photo take 1.. 

group photo take 2.. 
which one do you prefer? =)

me and mon-key~

darling alysha and suji~ 

the superman~!!!! hahahahahhahaha.. omg.. *laugh die me*

the girls... i love you all~!! muacx.. 

bully him~!!! 

our calculator~ 5 people.. 6 calculator~ hahahahaha

playing with the blanket.. hahahaha.. 

more picture is uploaded to facebook.. =)
this is just part of it.. hahahaha
i love you guys.. 
thanks for being my friends.. 
i'll miss my college life and you all~ 

by the way~
good luck to all of us and all people who taking exam.. 
GOOD LUCK~! and fighting!! 
hopefully we can do it.. 


bye people.. is time to study.. 

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