Monday, December 6, 2010

huimin BIGday~ ♥

hello people~ 
is time to update again.. LOL~ as i promise.. i will update about huimin big day
here you go~! 

is early celebration for her.. 
cause on the 5th december she can't make it for us.. because that day she give to her family already.. 
hhurmm.. so we make it on 4th december~
on that day..

morning i accompany sook sin to buy present for her.. 
afternoon i accompany huikuan to buy cake for her.. 
lol.. i am so busy that day~ hahahaha
after that back home and continue my work.. 
which is her birthday card.. 

i didn't buy her any present but i gave her a handmade card from me~ hehehe
me, huikuan and huikuan boyfiee~ "pakat" not to let her and sooksin know where we go.. 
while on the way going to i-city they thought we're lost.. 
hahaha.. cause we sit inside the car for almost two hours but still haven't reach.. 
sooksin were very curious and keep on asking where we're going~~~~ 
i said : lol.. i don't know.. hahahahaha
reached the place.. 
but~ so bad.. 
raining that time.. 
we only got one umbrella.. but we have 5 people.. 
birthday girl and the umbrella owner take it~ lol..
me, huikuan and her boyfiee.. 
walk under the rain.. lol.. *sound romantic huh* 
hahahaha.. but not really.. i was the biggest spotlight while walking to the cafe.. 
finally we're inside the cafe..
eating, chit chatting and taking picturesssss.. 
we chill inside the cafe for almost two hours.. due to the rain~ 
after the rain is stopped but huikuan boyfiee were rushing back.. 
so we just manage to took a bit of the picture.. 
not enough time to walking around.. 
but never mind.. we still got next time~!!! ^^

enough of writing~ 
let's the picture to continue... 

the card that i gave to her~ 


the super sweet couple~ 

me and the birthday girl a.k.a hui min~ 

birthday girl and sooksin~ 

me and sooksin~

huikuan and birthday girl~

playing with the french fries~ hahahahaha

cake cake time~!! 
happy twenty ya~!! 

happy birthday to you~~~~~~~ 
birthday girl and the cake~ 

make a wish~ make a wish~

birthday girl playing the strawberry~ hahahahhaha

me and hui kuan~

after finishing the cake~ 
the rain is stop.. 
walking outside for awhile.. 

super sweet~~~~

super sweet take 2~

super sweet take 3~ 

hahahahhahhaha~ black black and blue blue~ 

and yea~! that's all for today.. 
is time to find something to throw inside my stomach.. lol~!!
ending my post with the tree at i-city ya~

more photo been uploaded to facebook~ 

thanks for reading~ 

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