Saturday, December 25, 2010

♥ ♡ ℒℴve ♡ merry Christmas ~ ♡ ℒℴve ♡ ♥

ho ho ho ho ho~!! 
today is 25-12-2010
what day is that?? 
i think everyone will know that~ 
which is.. merry Christmas..!!!! 
since today is Christmas.. 
i'm here to tell everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS 
enjoy your christmas to the max ya~! 
have a wonderful day.. 

today is christmas.. what i do is.. 
stay at home blogging.. lol~! 
sound so lonely.. hahahahaha.. 
actually planning to go out with my friends~ 
but who know.. they date another friend of them which i not really close too.. 
so i rejected.. 
stay at home blogging.. watching tv.. 
but is OK~! 
at least i know that someone also did the same thing with me.. hahahahaha~! 
lol.. i'm so bad~! 

this year christmas gift i liked the most~! 
haha.. guess what is that?? 
which is my new hand phone from my aunty~ 
thank you very much~ i love it a lot.. 
although not expensive or nice phone.. but for me the perfect one~ =) 
this phone is my christmas gift + new year gift~ teehee~!!!! ^^ 

how you all celebrate it?? 
hope that everyone enjoy ya~! 

enough mumbling~ hahaha.. 
so.. that's all for today..!! 


♡ ℒℴve eone ♡  

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