Sunday, December 12, 2010

one more to go~!

hallo people.. 
is time to update my blog.. 
i think i got a lot of thing wanna blog.. but i'm so tired.. 
couldn't sleep last night.. i think just sleep for 3 hours? 
but i'm so happy that i receive a good luck message from nyamuk~!!!! 
thankQieww very muchie.. 
omg.. exactly i zombie right now.. 
thought of after law paper i wanna go home and sleep.. 
but then.. my Queen is coming back.. 
which means is a good and bad news for me~! 
good news is finally mama is back.. miss her so much~!!!! 
mama i love you~! 
bad news is..... 
i have to clean up my house.. lol.. 
for the one who know me.. 
i'm a freaking lazy people to do housework.. 
normally i didn't do housework.. very very very seldom i will do the housework.. 
so have to clean the house and do the housework.. or else i gonna get a BIG boom from her.. lol

yesterday was e-commerce paper.. 
what i can say is......... may god bless me.. the focus area that lecturer gave is not focus at all.. 
add on.. what i study it didn't came out.. -,-'' 

today~ LAW.. ermm.. lack of time to study this subject.. 
because this semester exam timetable like sh*t ~!! 
stick together with the hard subject.. 
my brain currently is information overloaded.. LOL~! 
stuck too much information already.. 
haihz.. tomorrow is FRENCH~! 
need to revision later.. or else i gonna BLANK when i get into the exam hall.. 
here to wish everyone who sitting exam 
a big big big GOOD LUCK~!!! 
all the best for you guys paper.. 

by the way.. 
did you guys feel that today weather is super sunshine? 
the sun like coming out to say HI to everyone.. lol..
weather is so unstable.. 
reader please drink more water ya~!! 
don't get sick.. 
after done this post.. 
i wanna head to my beloved BED~ 
so freaking sleepy.. 

that's all for today~ 
ending post with a picture that i took just now.. 


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