Friday, December 31, 2010

last day of 2010..

hellow people.. 
hurmm.. this few day kinda busy~ no time to update.. 
hahaha.. guess what i busy?? 
busy watching drama.. lol~ 
suppose to be CHASING drama.. hahahaha.. 
everyone watched already.. so i also wanna watch it.. ^^ 

today is friday and the last day of 2010.. 
which means 
we are aging~!! LOL
is time to say BYE to 2010 and WELCOME 2011~!!! 
in 2011 i hope that everyone gonna stay with happiness and healthy.. 
everything in 2010 just let it pass.. 
let it go away from our life and make it become memories.. 
a good or bad memories is just depends on you~ 

for me 2010 is okay.. not to say bad but not to say good too.. 
got good and bad surrounded me during 2010~ 
good things is meet a lots of new friends.. get to know them close and closer.. 
get a new phone and new glasses.. and a lot more.. 
the bad thing is family and friends matter.. 
but since is new year.. 
so just let it be~!! 
be my memories.. 

new year means new life new beginning and new challenge~! 
i appreciate everyone that love and concern about me.. 
thanks for being apart of my memories.. 
you all are wonderful~! 
without you all my life gonna be black and white.. 
thanks you guys very much that light it up.. 

i wish that 2011 gonna be a good year for me.. 
hope that everything run and go smoothly~ 
no more emo and bad mood.. LOL~ -,-'' 
get a good result.. get a good job.. get a bf too~ hahahahahahahahahaha 
*laughing like hell* hahahahahahaha~! anyway just joking about that.. 
and hope that my parent, friends and the one who love me be happy and healthy~!! ^^
welcome twenty eleven~! ^^ 

although today is new year eve.. 
but what i do.. is just stay home blogging.. -,-'' 
but never mind.. i still happy and enjoy~! 

bye 2010~!!! 

is time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the JANUARY baby~!!! 


♥  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

outing with beloved nyamuk and mon-key

sorry people.. 
is a very late post.. 
this post suppose to be done yesterday.. but due to my laziness.. i delayed it.. 
lol.. this few days back i was busy chasing drama.. =.='' 

back to the topic.. 
outing with the girls is fun.. ^^ 
we planned to go sing k in the afternoon then yamcha awhile~ 
sing k at green box sg wang~ and yamcha at tong shui shop.. *yum yum* 

i gonna make it short.. which means not going to write that much.. 
picture talking kay? 
even you say NO i gonna let the picture talking.. *hahhahaha* 

here you GO~! 

3 of us~! 
both of my beloved nyamuk and mon-key~ ^^

me and mon-key

me and nyamuk~ 

our tong shui~ 

mon-key~ ^^

photographer nyamuk~ hahahahaha

during me and nyamuk go back.. there are super duper heavy rain.. 

that's all for the outing post ya~! 
hope that you enjoyed.. ^^ 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

stay tuned~!

evening everyone~!

today went out with two of my beloved friends..
i gonna update it real soon.. but not now.. LOL~!
because i'm in the sleepy mode..

see you guys soon~!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

♥ ♡ ℒℴve ♡ merry Christmas ~ ♡ ℒℴve ♡ ♥

ho ho ho ho ho~!! 
today is 25-12-2010
what day is that?? 
i think everyone will know that~ 
which is.. merry Christmas..!!!! 
since today is Christmas.. 
i'm here to tell everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS 
enjoy your christmas to the max ya~! 
have a wonderful day.. 

today is christmas.. what i do is.. 
stay at home blogging.. lol~! 
sound so lonely.. hahahahaha.. 
actually planning to go out with my friends~ 
but who know.. they date another friend of them which i not really close too.. 
so i rejected.. 
stay at home blogging.. watching tv.. 
but is OK~! 
at least i know that someone also did the same thing with me.. hahahahaha~! 
lol.. i'm so bad~! 

this year christmas gift i liked the most~! 
haha.. guess what is that?? 
which is my new hand phone from my aunty~ 
thank you very much~ i love it a lot.. 
although not expensive or nice phone.. but for me the perfect one~ =) 
this phone is my christmas gift + new year gift~ teehee~!!!! ^^ 

how you all celebrate it?? 
hope that everyone enjoy ya~! 

enough mumbling~ hahaha.. 
so.. that's all for today..!! 


♡ ℒℴve eone ♡  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

♥ Happy Winter Solstice! 冬至快乐~! ♥


今天是冬至~ 所以在这里祝大家冬至快乐~
说到冬至 大家想到什么?? 我呢~ 第一时间就会想到 汤圆啊~~
汤圆 汤圆 团团圆圆~ 

天气冷冷的 来一碗 热腾腾的汤圆就最好不过了。。

还没的话 快快去吃一碗吧~ ^^
我在这里 祝大家 一家团团圆圆~ 幸福快乐呀~!

来一张 我在面子书看到的 可爱 汤圆照~

是不是 很可爱勒??

好啦。。 今天只是上来跟大家说声 冬至快乐~! 
happy winter solstice~! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

fashion show event and BBQ

yo! people~! 
is time to update my blog again.. 
sorry for the big delayed.. 
actually wanna update it yesterday but my "beloved" line is really suck~! 
don't even able to connect to the internet.. stupid!! 
fine.. stop mumbling..
- back to the topic - 

fashion show event that held on 18.12.2010~ last saturday.. 
we been start to collect all the information and prepared for the event since June.. 
everything didn't run smoothly at the first of it.. 
sponsorship couldn't any sponsor at the first~ and everything delayed due to our exam and holidays..
at the very last minute.. ticket and banner printed out.. 
we only have 1 or 2 week to sell our ticket?? 
if we didn't manage to sell them out we gonna paid it by our money~! 
add on.. one ticket is cost rm50.. not a cheap price.. *for me is super expensive* 
until the due date some of my friend still doesn't manage to sell it.. they gonna pay by their money.. 
but some of them manage to sell it.. *big clap clapss for them*

on 18.12.2010~ everyone need to be in college before 10am.. 
for all the crew we need to go there so early because wanna prepared all the stuff and rehearsal.. 
our lecturer is late.. she reached college around 12pm? 
everyone pissed off.. LOL
when she reached we still need to wait for the van to fetch us to the venue.. 
because we don't have car and any transport.. 
after awhile the van finally came.. lol.. 
guess what?! the driver is our class mate.. hahahahhaa.. 
*laughing like hell* when i saw the driver.. and due to our limited budget.. 
the van is............ super old~! 

reached the venue start to work.. doing all the stuff and bla bla bla.. 
after done all the thing.. around 4pm something everyone get ready to go bath and rest awhile.. 
for girls, our dress code is black dress.. so everyone changed to black dress.. 
and 8pm something finally the event started.. 
all the guest starting to come one by one.. and the food came out one by one too.. 
the show is started.. there are a lots of performance.. 
such as dancing, singing and for sure is fashion show.. 
ended everything then.. is time to home sweet home~!
that day go back with xx and her bf.. 
thanks to her very much for sending me home and bring me go to supper.. 
thank you~! 

let's the picture do the talking.. !! 
enjoy people~! 

 our gang! 

me and suji

me and carmen

me, mon-key and bear bear

me and bear bear

me and yin

me and mon-key~ 

the gang again~ =)

enough of college picture.. 
now is the event picture~ 

the boys and girlsss.. 

hahahhahahahaahhaXD~ *laughing like hell~!!! 

me and xx

me and darling alysha.. 

the girlsss.. 

me and carmen

me , bearbear and the modelsss.. 

me and bear bear

me, bear bear and yin

me and mon-key

me and yin

me and pamela

me and xx again~ xD

wenny and her boyfiee.. 
so sweet of them~! 

end with the event post~ 

is time to post about BBQ that we held on 19.12.2010
the day after fashion show event.. =)
place at WC house.. 
that day take train to bandar tasik selatan and wait for mon-key and her boyfiee the fetch us.. 
during on the way to WC house.. we all are lost.. cause no one know how to go to WC house.. 
CCT just guess the way.. he is not sure.. =,='' 
from bandar tasik selatan we drive until maluri.. LOL
everyone stomach is singing that time.. grrr grrr grrr.. 
luckily we manage to find the place at the last.. or else we gonna BBQ at other place.. hahahaxD
nothing much to write.. 
because reached there the first thing is get ready to eat eat eat.. 
a lots of food there.. xx and her boyfiee buy a lots~!! 
at the end we still can't finish that.. hurmm.. 
let WC to steamboat for the ext day.. LOL~! 

here you go.. 
some of the picture that i took.. 

me and mon-key~! 

take 2~ took it during waiting her boyfiee to buy iceeeee.. 

chicken wing and otak-otak~! 


a part of our food.. =)

me and mon-key playing with prawn.. xD


xx and her boyfiee.. 

mon-key and her boyfiee

WC and his gf~



wenny and her boyfiee.. 
both of them really sweet~!! 
by the way.. this picture is wenny already on the way to drunk.. lol

okiess.. that's all for today.. 
i will end my post with the super sweet picture that i took for wenny and her boyfiee.. =) 

how sweet of them~ =) 

 our event.. it might not the perfect as others~ but at least we enjoyed the moment.. 
thanks for the one who came to support.. 
thanks to everyone.. 

more picture been uploaded to facebook.. teeheee~! 
that all for my fashion show and BBQ post~

ciao ~ 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

day out~!

hey people.. finally i got the time sit in front of laptop and updating my blog.. 
this gonna be long long post i think? 
cause i got a lot of outing picture wanna upload.. 
ermm.. don't want to wasted you guys time.. 
let's start.. 


on that day date with harhar~ 
long time didn't saw her.. she became more and more beautiful~ 
she look mature~ and pretty as usual.. 
place that we gathering is mc donald.. because it is near and convenience.. 
but so bad that day ice cream machine having problem.. no ice cream for that day.. 
aww.. how sad is that~ hurmm.. 
harhar came and fetch me around 12.. 
we called hong and huimin along.. 
but huimin is having pratical.. she reached cempaka 2 something.. 
so we call our mr gentleman HONG fetch her at the train station.. 
hahahaha.. he bring a mystery guy to our gathering too.. 
guess who? is our long long long time didn't saw the hippo~! 
after graduate i didn't saw him anymore.. -,-'' 
he changed a lot.. become thinner and fairer than before.. 

here you go.. some of the picture of the day.. 

 me and harhar~ ^^

our french fries and coke.. 

me, harhar, huimin and hong~

harhar, huimin, me and hippo~

me and mr hippo~ 

me and mr hong~ 
after taking picture.. the guys~ hong and hippo went back 1st.. because hong wifey is chasing him.. 
hahahaha.. no no no.. she got date with his wifey after our gathering~ =)
thank you very much that you try to make it and come over mc donald.. 
although is late.. but late is better than didn't come.. 


hurmmm.. on wednesday 15-12-2010~ 
head to college in the early morning to sell ticket again.. but the result is still the same.. 
no people bother us at all.. oh yea~! that day only me and vivi a.k.a bearbear stay at college to sell ticket.. 
the others all go to meeting with the organizer.. lucky us~! no need to go.. 
but is kinda bored because she sit at there and waiting people to come.. lol~! 
so what to do during boring time? camwhored will do~!! ^^

picture talking again.. 

me and bear bear

take two~ hahahaha

chunlin.. the guy that i know him since semester 1.. 
but this is the 1st picture we took together.. LOL~! 

segi christmas tree.. lol~!
we sit over there for few hours.. then around 2 something.. 
we went out to take our LUNCH a.k.a ular-ing.. 
lol.. go eat with bear bear zygong.. 
he came over our college and fetch us go times square to eat pizza.. 
haha.. he is so good! he treat us eat.. LOL
where we go?? papa john's~!

the menu..

our boss~ LOL

our pizza.. 
p/s : vivi a.k.a bear bear eat pizza with the butter.. LOL~ *weird*

the only picture of 3 of us~! lol.. 

after finished our food.. heading to take picture for awhile then.. 
home sweet home.. 
because at the night i got a date with dear shinteng~ ^^
pasar malam and yamcha~ 
did you found out the picture look clearer? 
i changed my phone.. 
because my nokia phone is DIED.. 
i can listen to people but people can't listen to me.. =(
changed to sony ericsson xperia x8.. 
although is not a new model.. but i love it.. 
due to my limited budget i only can afford it.. LOL.. 

here is some picture that outing with dear shinteng.. ^^

my lovely cutie adorable dear shinteng~ xD

while heading to pasar malam.. the sunset a.k.a ham dan wong~! 
is so nice~! =)

fun OK cafe.. 
the environment is so nice and comfortable.. 
food also not that bad.. =)

mr frog a.k.a frog siangggg~ xD

we're ignore everyone that around us.. 

cutie dear~ ^^
we purposely took it like this.. cause we wanna tell people that we're ignore everyone.. 
we DON'T CARE how you look at us~ 
we camwhored as much as we wanted.. 

another two kaki that came all the way to Yam Cha.. hahahaha.. 

the LOVE~! 

dear and huikuan~ 

last but not least will be me and dear shinteng picture~ 
teeeheee~! ^^


heading to college in the early morning again.. 
just go there to pass the ticket money.. 
then head to times square to buy the dress for saturday event.. 
hurmm.. need a black dress for it.. 
actually i bought one from pasar malam on wednesday.. 
but my mum say not really suit me.. 
so i buy another one from times square today.. 
times square with my lovely mon-key , bearbear and xx.. 

mon-key, xx and vivi

the GIRLS~! 

mon-keyyyyy~!! =D

mon-key, xx and vivi a.k.a bearbear~ 
lol~! look at xx.. her SERIOUS face.. hahahahaXD

another christmas tree.. 
after buying and eating at times square.. 
they all continue to shop and hunted for their dress.. i back home first because of some reason.. 

while the train on the way to go station.. 
i saw baby crystal.. LOL~ she sit BESIDE me.. so~ her mother fetched me home home.. 
while waiting for the traffic light to turn green~ camwhored with my new baby xperia.. 

baby crystal~ she is PRO~! 
even the car is going to the road that not stable.. she still able to capture the picture without blur.. 
*big clap clapsss for her* 

take two~ ^^

=,='' crystal say need the doll to be safe~! so tight the safety belt for her doll.. LOL~! 
pity the doll.. head pun kena kiap by the safety belt..LOL~! 
thank you very much baby that fetched me home.. 

more photo are uploaded in facebook.. 

here is some of my dress picture.. =)

dress one.. 

dress two.. 

i prefer the dress two.. but is too tight for me.. T_T 
i scare if i wear it i no need to eat anything.. LOL~ because of my big big tummy~! 
seriously i got a big tummy.. haihz.. 

so that's all for today.. 
sorry for the super long updates.. because this few days really busy with my stuff.. 
will update as much as i can ya!