Saturday, April 30, 2011

i'm BACK~!

yo peeps~
i'm officially back from langkawi and thailand.. teehee~!
i'm in KL now! hohoho..
the past three months that i live in langkawi it happen a lot of things..
from the beginning until the end of the internship training..
over there i get to learn a lot of things..
and know a lots of friends too~ =)
they do take care of me along the three months..
take care, pamper, bring me out, treat me eat and a lot more..
a million thanks to them.. i appreciate it a lot~!
langkawi is the place that would go back for sure..
for work or travel? hahaha..
don't know yet.. everything might happen in the whole world.. right?

the day that i get back to KL.. i cried before went to langkawi airport..
i get to used the life in langkawi and the environment..
after reach LCCT.. my PAPA a.k.a edwin come and fetch me in airport.. hiak hiak hiak
very thank you to him and hong that purposely go airport and fetch me home.. LOL
the day after that went out with my babes..
because i only got 3 days in KL.. after the 3 days i will be going back to thailand..
the 1st day..
went out with the babes in the afternoon~!
dear teng and babe shanny and her boyfiee roger..
went to ice room~ =)
after that send shanny back home then
me and teng go back to fei zaii a.k.a teng boyfiee house..
she bring me to see fei zaii fish.. LOL
which is inside the longkang.. HAHAHAHAHAHA..
so creative? he feed the fish in the longkang..
after that went to tesco and had our dinner?
then head to black and white for yamcha session with babes and papa a.k.a edwin..
chill over there and gossip at there..
took a group picture before shanny went back..

the group picture.. hehe..
home sweet home after that..

day two~

stay at home until night.. hohoho..~
good girl?
no no no.. but
i went out at the night.. LOL
headed to sepang gold coast with dear teng, her boyfiee a.k.a fei zaii and babes elaine~
there is a nice place to chill out with the babes..
drink with fei zaii and babes.. =,,=
erhem.. i didn't drink much.............. xD
went home around 4am ++..
pheww.. luckily mama didn't scold.. LOL

day three~~

went out for breakfast with my brother a.k.a a meh..
and of cause he will sign the bill.. hahahahahahhaa..
go to breakfast with teng, pei ying and him..
he be the driver.. LOL
fetch everyone and bring us to eat and PAY for us as well..
sound he so good huh? xD
yea.. have to say sometimes he is so nice laaa.. hahaha
go to teng house and went to find feii zaii at his mum's shop then fetch him back to teng house
because he is sleepy due to lack of sleep last few days.. LOL
weird people.. the time to sleep he don't sleep he disturb teng sleeping.. LOL
i also sleep at teng house due to wait papa a.k.a edwin over long.. =,,=
wait him to bring me to cut hair hair..
after have a hair cutting he gonna send me home..
i was too late for my friends date so i need ffk ( cancelled the plan)
i'm sorry~

and the next day went to thailand for almost two weeks..
come back and get sick..
until yesterday only went out with the babes,~
go to pasar malam with dear teng and go to yam cha at luckie cup with edwin, the twins and babes~
headed to teng house after that.. chill at there until 2am
and go home..
early in the morning 7am they call me and go for breakfast.. =________=
i was totally lack of sleep..
like a walking zombie now.. xS

gonna head to take a nap..
night peeps~!
will update the picture later ya~ lol..