Saturday, December 31, 2011

my 2011

started to blog about what happened to me in 2011

the story about 2011 ,
not a good but isn't that bad year for me
my 2011 , passed with laughter , joyful , sad , cry , emo
- sweet , sour , bitter , spicy , tasteless -
time flies
today is the last day of 2011

what i have go through in year 2011 ?
a lot of thing..

- went to Langkawi for college Internship Training for three months.
- got car accident while in Langkawi , luckily i'm okay and nothing bad really happened.. *thank god*
- know a lots of friends
- learn a lot of things
- didn't get to celebrate my CNY because i'm in Langkawi and have to work on that day too..
- my very first time went to club in Langkawi , Sheraton - Chime
- get drunk in the club.. LOL
- after car accident , few months later got into motorcycle accident.. still thank god that nothing bad happened
- learn to drink while at Langkawi .. hahahahahaha!!
- went to Johor trip with my friends - huimin and shuying.. thanks for invited !
- off to Singapore for my very first time , to travel and "see" how does Singapore look like.. LOL
- taking bus come back alone from Singapore.. *nervous* 
- overnight at dear Shinteng's house
- off to Singapore for second time with my dear Shinteng..
- surprising Shanny.. :)
- finally graduate from SEGi college
- stay at home doing nothing for 8 - 9 months
- off to beach with dear Shinteng while i'm emo
- arguing with "her"
- feel so sorry to them , i make both friends become stranger
- very first time get to be so emo
- work for SEGi education fair for two days.. LOL
- lost best friends
- misunderstand with friends
- back home late.. x_X
- cut a BOY hair and become more boyish *.*
- bye to my TEEN life and welcome TY life
- celebrate birthday , received present and thanks to awesome friends Sooksin and the gang that make me a video with all of my friends wishes there
- watch and watch the same movie for few times in the cinema.. hahahahahha!!
- welcoming my little cousin Claire to this world
- gaining weight but not growing height -,-ll hate this..
- changing to be girly .. lol
- failed one subject on the last semester .. T___T
- be with a gang of my bestiesssss
- sing k , steamboat , bowling , supper !! :D
- go to somewhere else that we don't know road .. *big clapssss cause we didn't lostttttt*
- having some problem with my parent..
- been pampered with my lovely friends , they stand by my side , support , advice and comfort me

hurmm.. anything i forget? lol..
seriously 2011 a lots of thing happen , i don't think i can wrote it out everything
because i got short - term memory lost.. hahahaha
easily forget thing.. but remember the old things.. -,-ll
have to say a big thank you to everyone that helped , taking care , sayang me

the most problem that can make me being emo is friends and family
as some of my friends said : don't bother those who don't care you
but sometimes its just too hard to let it go
i tried but failed
everything can change ! people , attitude and so on
nothing is impossible , nothing is forever
learned not believe people easily , because they might back stab you !
friendship is not about whom you have know the longest .. it's about who came and never left your side !!
appreciated those who never left me =3
people come into my life , walk around but only the real friends will left their footprints in my heart

no matter what happened , family / house is the place that i can hide inside and get protected
protected with full of love , scared me got hurt from outside
advise me and teach me a lot
i love my family
but sometimes will got a bit of arguing or problem too
no matter what problem , they are still my family
pampered me , love me , sayang me
its just like people said family / house is always the place that you can hide
- 家里是我们永远的避风港 -
friends i can choose but family i can't
i'm thankful to mummy that bring me to this world
grow me up , i'm growing but you're aging .. =(
be with me as long as you can !!
i love you papa and mama

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends and family 

happy 2012 ! 
~ a brand new year 
~ new life 
~ new environment 
~ new friends 
~ new challenge 
~ new new NEW !! 

hopefully everything go on smoothly in 2012 !!

good luck~

bye to 2011 and hello to 2012 

Monday, December 26, 2011

2612 2011

yey!! merry belated christmas.. lol 
where did you celebrate your christmas and christmas eve? 
as for mine...... 
i stay at home for the both day.. lol!!
damn yam gong~ 
never mind.. still enjoying while stay at home.. =.= 

oh yea, last few days went to times square with my dear shinteng 
and walked walked walked.. 
didn't get anything.. >''< but i got hurt.. 
both side of my leg.. *pain* 
because of the shoes.. T_________T
until now still pain~ haihz.. 

i got my korea souvenir from shinteng!! 
hiak hiak.. big thank you to her~
love it alotssss.. 
and thanks to her sister and mummy too.. =) 

-- expired post --

i went to find bear bear a.k.a vivian at One Utama last monday 19-12-2011 
for what? collect my christmas present from her.. hahahahaha!! 
and of course to meet her up.. 
but too bad too bad.. 
while on the way to there.. i been cheated by the stupid taxi driver! 
what the hell ! stupid taxi driver !! 
from kelana jaya train station to One Utama charged RM20 
and the worst thing is.. my pocket only got RM 25 !! shit him !!
charged me so freaking expensive but dump me at roadside.. !@#*&^%$#!$%^&* !! 
nagged to bear bear.. and then went to shop awhile 
take our brunch there.. McDonald! 
walk walk shop shop around until around 6pm.. 
bear bear's dad come and pick her up and then fetch me to the train station.. 
thank you uncle and aunty !! :D 
home sweet home after that.. 
tired but enjoy!! 

merry christmas and happy new year to everyone!! 
happy 2012 
everything will be fine.. :) 


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

伤口愈合 疤痕还在


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

20 12 2011 =(


Thursday, December 8, 2011

A part of My Life

时间真的过的很快 很快
转眼间 我 已经 在学院呆了3年了
3年 不是一个很短的时间
在这3年里 我学会了很多
真的有从小女孩 慢慢长大了
从一开始 什么都不会 什么都要问 到现在
3年里 都过得很不错 很愉快
虽然偶尔 会有些 小吵 不过这是我们 成长的过程

还记得一开始做作业的时候 还紧张的要命
怕做不对 怕做的不好 怕老师说这 说那
每次的每次 都说不要再做 最后一分钟的作业 但是 每次 都是到最后一分钟才来做 -.-
而且每次 都做到 三更半夜 差不多 要天亮
第二天就带着 一副 要死不死 的样子 去学院 把功课 交上
还真怀念 那个时候呀

以前总爱 在上课时的空档 跑出去 吃 喝 玩 乐
跑去吃火锅 玩保龄球 唱k 吃晚餐
超级感谢我的那班朋友 因为他们我的学院生活 变得 多姿多彩

还记得我们都爱 在考完试 后 计划去吃晚餐 哈哈
肉骨茶!! 沙爹~! 是我们的最爱 玩到差不多了 就回家
在不然 就会翘课 然后跑去 唱k~ 看戏
唱k 是我们最爱的活动 之一
败你们所赐 现在的我 很爱玩 很喜欢去唱k
就算唱得不好 不管不管 照常的 喊
火锅呢 就爱吃 那边的甜点 还记得 我们试过吃了那边的 百多碟甜点 -.-
4 个人 我竟然可以吃了60+ 的甜点
而且吃甜点之前 我们还吃了 不少的东西
还记得 吃到 不好吃 就会推来推去 哈哈
保龄球 从不会打 到现在 还是打不好 -.- 失败的我

说到 上课 我们更是 过分的离谱
MORAL STUDIES ! 一个学期 我们只是上了 1次半 2次都没有
还好 我们都过关了 哈哈哈
老师真的 很好人啊~ 课不去上 考试时 紧张到 拿命
做作业最后一分钟就算了 连考试前 读书 也不例外 >_<
明天考试 今晚才读 *够力*

上kitchen课时 就爱一边煮 一边偷吃
连老师都说 我们怎么那么爱吃啊 -.-
割伤手 , 烫到手 , 扭到手
全都中过了~ 还好现在没事 哈哈
我们还很坏的 每次只要我们做COD就会 点那些我们不喜欢的人 来做苦工
还记得有一次做 海鲜餐
弄得我们全身都是臭味 隔了一天 味道都还在 *恶心死了*
然后就很喜欢跑进 弄甜点的pastry里 聊天 坐着 呆着 吹吹冷气
最讨厌就是 切洋葱
把我们的眼睛弄痛 还 流泪勒

翘课 , 迟到 , 班上聊天 , 睡觉 , 玩电话 , 吃东西
作弄老师 也是我们的娱乐啊~ 哈哈

 真的很怀念 打打闹闹的日子
不知道 最近我的同学们 你们过得好吗?
会像我一样 想念 我们在学院 打闹的日子吗?

Yin , Carmen , Mabel , Quen , Wenny , Vivian , May , Gino , SuetYan , Nickson , MrMoney , Minnie , Adery , WeiChet , CCT , Alysha , Suji , Derek 还有其他的同学们 ~ :)

fashion show

100+ de dessert that we finished :)

look back to those picture , i really miss all of you :(

Saturday, December 3, 2011

LingLing Birthday Celebration ♥

time flies~ 
december now.. i still feel that i just came back from Langkawi not so long ago.. lol
can't accept the truth that now is December
gonna face the real hard thing of my life.. 
have to think properly 
should i or shouldn't i ? 
let me enjoy the last month of 2011 
let me enjoy my day before i have to face it 
let me enjoy ! 

the next birthday celebration after the twins which is our beloved Elaine Leong! 
happy birthday to her!! 
her birthday on 30/11 celebrate it last night which is 2/12 
with some of the friends 
shinteng , me , lingling , wong wong , yang yang , how.. 
korea bbq at jalan ampang there 
we reach there 945pm like that and the shop is going to close at 1030pm.. =.= 
everyone eat eat eat and became very-the-smelly.. LOL! 
no joke.. everyone smell like the bbq.. errrrr.. and both of my pretty wear dress!! 
very un-convenient sitting there.. luckily i'm wearing long jeans~ :D 
cake also don't have enough time to cut there
here go second round .. -.-
the beer factory at Old Klang Road 
alot of people there , wait for the place , wait to order and so on........ 
ordered 3 towel of Heineken 
play play chat chat drink drink ~ cut cake cut cake 
 ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELAINE LEONG ♥ ~ a.k.a ki ling ko long~ 
they gave her a very special present ! BRA.. xD
after that shinteng's boyfie join us for the drink 
he help alot~ hahahahahahaha.. 
2am + ciao~ 
but shinteng and the boyfie go back themselves 
me, elaine , wong wong and yang yang one car 
and how one car~
too bad......
while on the way back got road block 
and everyone of us drink before so so so so so so 
stop at food court to chill awhile 
and lastly went back 
reach home at 330am.. -.-ll 

picha picha time! 

the korea BBQ~ 

the only group shot! -tomato face- *.* 
boyssss - how , yang yang , wong wong , gary 
girlssss - lingling , me , shinteng 

the beer factory

birthday girl - Elaine Leong

that's all for today~ 
more picture will be on facebook ~ 

buhbye people!! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Twins 21st Birthday Celebration

expired post.. hahahaha..
that day was the TWINS 21st birthday celebration at Black and White Cafe , Pandan Indah
they told me start at 10pm.. but EVERYONE IS LATE.. the party actually start at 11pm.. -.-ll
luckily didn't went there earlier else gonna wait and rot there..
girls - me , shinteng , elaine and huikuan invited
and of course some others too..
especially rainy~ *evil laugh*

stop wasting time
back to the topic

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of them~
the twins brother
WaiHong and WaiChoon
may both of them stay handsome and all the best

oh yea, only few girls going.. half of them are guy
and another half of them is we don't know who is them.. -.-''
never mind, as long as the birthday boy happy.. hahahahaha

picture time!
let you see either you can differentiate both of them or not

the twins brother
do they look alike? hahahahahaha..

okay.. internet working slow , then? i'm not going to continue upload.. xD
*smack head* lazy me! :(

p/s - photo will be uploaded to facebook!

ciao! =3

Thursday, November 24, 2011

23 / 11 / 2011

moody recently :(
the first time ever got so moody and emo
i hate it
i lost my smile
i couldn't be happy
what happened to me?
too stressful?
everyone said that i'm lucky that no need to work just staying at home
don't you know staying at home also stressful?
sound so funny
its real

shinteng said when i'm emo it quite scary
i can be emo in a very fast time
she bring me to everywhere that i wanted to go
i love her and my babe shanny
they both sayang me so much

even those not-always-get-to-see friends also
i love them
nyamuk , mon-key
they both really care of me
nyamuk was so pro!
she can sense out when i'm moody
and come and talk to me
advise me
comfort me
sharing her story to me
is it she put cctv around me?
but seriously thanks to them
everyone that cared me


yesterday was a fully scheduled day

from morning - home - Serdang - Sepang Gold Coast - Port Dickson - The Mines - home - Viva - In house - HOME SWEET HOME

tired but enjoy

went to beach to walk walk
shout out loud although people looking at us

night time movie with guai wuu
You Are The Apple Of My Eyes for second time
nice movie
miss school life
no stress no emo
we talked about the pass , what we did inside the classroom
i laughed .. :)
thank to him bring me to movie and treat me also.. lol
who ask he's my atuk a.k.a grandpa / guai wuu
after movie yamcha
meet up the twins brother -- hong , choon
chat awhile
2am - back home
sleepless night..
rolling at the bed :(

hopefully everything gonna be fine

Sunday, November 6, 2011

5 / 11 / 2011

good morning people! *yawning*
yesterday went to Kajang with sweelim..
go to find my lovely mon-key for Kajang Satay~!

from home - LRT cempaka - Chan Sow Lin - Bandar Tasik Selatan -KTM - Kajang - wenny's house - Kajang Satay - Setapak - Taman Midah In house - Home Sweet Home

this is my busy schedule for yesterday!!
hahahahaha.. somehow i enjoy a lot but due to over hungry i can't eat much.. T___T
kinda wasted..

seriously thanks to Wenny and Jack !!

Thank You!! remember bring wenny come find me since you got the road to come my area..
hiak hiak hiak..


Saturday, November 5, 2011

this picture took on last sunday.. with my dear shinteng and huikuan~
went to lunch together at black and white 
and plan where to go after that..
guess what?! we meet some long lost friends while eating at black and white.. 
no matter how close before this.. NOW we saw each other just to say HI and BYE 
time really can bring everything down.. 
before we use to be together with a brunch of friends to chilling or gossip 
but now.. 
we meet at cafe just like saying HI and BYE
we are close before this 
before we graduate from secondary school
before we face the reality
before we changed
i don't know either is you all or me.. 
currently we are not like before 
not close like before
not talk like before
somehow i still treat you all as my brother as my friends!
just sometimes kinda disappointed what you did.. 
you won't call us if you don't need help
we called you to come out gathering you got tons of reason to reject us.. 
as my friends said 
they don't appreciate you 
let it be 
because the others that treasure you is always there.. =) 
i appreciate the one who really cares.. 
not the one who only got matter will find you.. 
chill chill chill!!
i'm not saying you.. 
please don't into it.. i didn't mention any of you! =D

back to my topic.. 
life was still going on with -doing - nothing - at - home
lifeless life.. i know it.. 
after my conve on next saturday i think everything will started to change!
but before that i got some november babiessss friendss.. 
the picture above both of them also november baby!! 
shinteng , huikuan , elaine also november baby! wow~~~~~ O_O 
and of course for all november baby too~ ^^ 

gonna celebrate their birthday ~ wheeee!! 
being quite busy these few days.. lol
busy what? 
to college 
to movie 
to lunch 
to dinner 
to meet up my babes 
to convo 
to celebrate their birthday 
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! that's life! 

my convo will be on next saturday 12 November 2011 and the most sad case is 
i will be going to there alone.. no one watch me graduate.. T___T 
due to my parents can't make it 
my friends are too busy 
so i'm alone.. T___T 
*cry cry cry* 
never mind! at least i got some college mates graduate with me too.. 


good night people!! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011





讀書又唔認真 考試又低分 成日俾佢地激親





就係夢想 你唔問你可能一世都唔會知

挨過 苦過 搏過 拼過

俾人鬧過 你有冇聽過佢

喊過 痛過 怨過 跌過





成日鬧佢 話佢做事冇對

都係果幾句 考試有冇唔合格

做乜咁夜都仲唔翻 你係咪想激死你阿媽


摞住佢地份成績單 你覺得會好差

你會話 不如送佢出國啦

咁樣冇前途嘎啦 第日冇文化點揾嘢做啊



其實我 一直都為自己條路不斷唸計


我一直都在沖 別說我沒用 我其實也有自己的一片天空

我也有一個夢 別說我沒有 我也想突破自己的那一片天空



驚你個仔會搞出個大頭佛 個女會洩底俾人


佢冇呃曬我D錢使 佢係一個好女仔

佢做事有始有終 我已經當咗佢係我老公

唔好意思阿爹地媽咪 我可唔可以揸翻一次主意


阿仔 佢出咗嚟做嘢仲大你幾年

阿女 佢咁大個人都唔係好識做生意

唔係咁嘎 唔係你唸咁嘎 唔係你地咁唸嘎


我已經唔再細個 我覺得你地已經唔需要去過分擔心咯



我一直都在沖 別說我沒用 我其實也有自己的一片天空

我也有一個夢 別說我沒有 我也想突破自己的那一片天空

我知道 由細到大 你地都好緊張我地

怕我地會行差踏錯 行咗條歪路

不過慢慢 我發覺 自己已經長大

有咗自己既思想 好想行一條屬於我自己既路



我會做好我自己 走好我嘎路


很喜欢这首歌~ 觉得意思很不错