Wednesday, October 10, 2012

memorable 21st

hahahaha.. harlo peoplesss!

after so long i only manage to update my blog. why?
since 7 august 2012 went for eyes check up at eyes specialist Pantai Indah Hospital.
got a very big surprise which is my left eyes after checking....
conclusion come out with a unexpected. retinal detachment.
the only way to cure it is OPERATION.
went for another hospital to check and still.. the same conclusion.
went to hospital ampang all the doctor said it quite serious and not to wait anymore because the longer time i wait the percentage of getting recover is lesser.
what a big present from the God right?
they refer me to Hospital Selayang for operation due to Hospital Ampang unable to do the operation.
admit to hospital on 8 august 2012 and operation on the same day.
doctor said that the operation expected time is 45 minutes to 1 hours.
but as for my case is much complicated. the operation go on for 4 hours which i'm awake. lol
doctor even chat with me during the operation time to avoid my nervous-ness.
after operation it took around 3 weeks plus to stable it.
but guess what?
went for check up again and doctor told me that
my eyes situation doesn't get better and need to go thru second operation.
admitted again on 4 september 2012
operation on 5 september 2012.
the same thing again. operation go on for 4 hours and the only different is this time i'm totally sleep.
awake , vomit , blood pressure went low after everything go home to stable it.
two weeks later,
another check up.
keep my finger crossed.. i wish it was a good news.
and finally.
yea! good news. doctor said the detach part stick back. :)
need another two weeks to let eyes pressure going low.
another two weeks later,
YESH! finally ~ doctor said it better and better!
but be prepared that, vision couldn't get back to before and there is some side effect.
is okay! at least i still got back my eyes. lol

above picture is the processing of getting recover.
from the first day out from operation until now.

give me some time! my pretty blink blink eyes will be back :D

that's all for today!! buhbye~

Monday, July 23, 2012

life goes on

a day with my super lazy mode ON. woke up early in the morning , get ready , off to work ! 
hardworking and good girl 
life still going on with a very good day by day 
monday wait friday ~ HAHA ! 
getting weird and fussy customer called in to ask some "cute" question. lol 
challenging yea. be patient to handle them ! ROAR 
scold them after they hang off ~ hahaha that's my bad habit 

thank god . today is 23 July . means august is coming ! public holiday is coming ! 
let's rock the partyyyyyyyy august baby~ 
i'm of the august baby . love august muchie 

currently, every saturday or sunday also outting 
i'm so poor now 
lol. but still i enjoy it 
after working for five days . the saturday and sunday is big love 
rest and hang out with the kakis !
movie . shopping . sing k . 
the love entertainment of mine 

life goes on . 
cheers and smile no matter what would happen !
no one can beat you up . 
fight for future . 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bonjour mercredi

good evening peoples! 

bonjour mercredi ~ 

time flies......... i start my NEW work for quite some time already ~
answering call everyday everyday EVERYDAY !
repeat and repeat the same thing..
working life kinda acceptable ~ enjoy-ing due to still new there
everything still light ~ hahahha haven't reach the heavy part yet :(
working at the office but wearing like going to shopping lol!
no need to be formal ! heehaaa~ sandals will do !
everyone there is okok , so good and kind ~
some of them very cute too..

other than working ,
every saturday or sunday i'll be outing with the friendsssssssss~
sing k , movie , shopping , eatting !
okayyyy i admit that i'm gaining weight. lol
become fat and fatter.

working working working ~
money money money !!
please come to mummy ~ HAHAHA~
likey the wednesday , because it will be near to friday .
i wanna sleep like a dead pig during saturday
enjoy my day out like a boss on saturday too !

life is full of challenge ~
life go on ! everyone CHEERS ~
- appreciate , cherish , treasure -

Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st July 2012

good evening bloggie !
is time to upppppppdate ~ hahahahhas
new work started for a week , doing what there? how's the life or environment there?
ermm.. everything so far so good. i'm still under training ~
the first day trainer on leave =.= so wait for the next day but actually the trainer quite busy. lol
everyday she got meeting and so on so on.
she train us about the product knowledge and system but just basic haven't go into it yet.
tomorrow which is monday will continue another training week !
hopefully is fun >_____<
cause the training actually quite boring..
sitting and listening.............. hurmm..
and first day work just sit with buddy
second day got chocolate from colleague~ :D
third day breakfast day ! go there earlier to have breakfast together with out team
fourth day training and discuss on friday
fifth day is theme day.. management have to wear back to school ! hahahahahah
for me? my theme is just simple ! which is CAP day ~
just wear my cap cap will do.

now it's July !
time flies........ i still remember my first job was at Genting on 19th March ~ and 25th June my second job started. hopefully is a better place for me to stay . i wish .
and pray hard that July is a better monthhhhhhh~

good luck to everyone !

that's all for today..
- xoxo -

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

♥ ♥ ♥

new work started - 25 June 2012 
first day of working at AIMIA ~ training but trainer on leave =..=
what i do there? 
sit beside senior listening to their call 
how's working life there? 
i got no idea. hopefully is a place that i can stay. i wish. really WISH 
pray hard. 
btw, office is freezing >___< 
keep on sneeze non stop 
and today i feel like my nose is not belong to me T______T 
even sore throat is starting to say HELLO to me. gosh i hate it. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

- expired post -

before start work . went to HOLIDAY at Penang with the gang 
wongwong, yangyang, yi how and lingling. 
a trip that full with food and drunk lol 
enjoyed with them. laugh , chat , eat , drink , drunk ! hahahahaha 
very nice enjoy before start work :) 

with yi how 

with wongwong

with yangyang 

with lingling 

another shot ! erhem.. when two girl got nothing to do............ xD 

breakfast at Ipoh - DimSum 

food food at penang 

chilling around the beach 

Hello PENANG ! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

after came back . went out sing k , movie and QuenQuen 
oh yea! 
she's so sweet.. even get me sticky ! she said is pressie for me to wish me all the best and good luck for my new job ! :D 
thank you QuenQuen ~ likey it so much 
she hide it inside her bag........ and before we back she gave it to me :)) 
awwww.. love to chill with her.. because when one sampat meet another sampat so we can sampat together ! hahahahahahhaha.. two people sing k.. can you imagine we laugh like hell and playing around there? 
fun , enjoy ! 

One ! 


Three !

always be us ! the one that ignore everyone around :) 
sing and shout ~ 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

other than that,
another one is lunchie day with the pretty Jace~ lunch with her before she leave WismaGenting.. lol
nom nom nom ! i even mention to her not to wear high heel on our lunch day! hahahahahaha
if not i gonna look like mini.. lol xD 
and yea, she wear flat shoes that day :D thank you to her! make us same size.. xoxo

Jace Jace 

take two !

take three.....!!
oh! yea.. not only lunch with her. but with another 3 friends too :) 



ngiekngiek~ and also congratulation to Jace that she going to say buhbyeeee to Wisma Genting ! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

my picture 
may all the best and good luck to me in my new company AIMIA 

add oil OneOne!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

J-U-N-E life

heyha people.. 
i'm actually free from Wisma Genting since 7 June 2012.
6 June my last day over there.. 
working as usual time 8am-6pm as CC call buzz.. 
call non stop call non stop ! 
after that lunch time went to one hub find my Eunice lengmama =) 
beside that~ 
after work stay there ask the one i know to take picha with me ! 
ngiek ngiek ngiek.. 
stay until 745pm -.- LOL 
what am i doing there? 
ermm.. chat , talk , gossip , take picha and wait for shinteng finish work back together..

picha time ! 

my supa dupa cute trainer BruceToh 

Customer Service -  ChengYen 

Customer Service - ChoyYee 

Customer Service - FionLim

Customer Service - JaceGoh

Customer Service - JackiePhang

Customer Service - MarcChai

Customer Service - HanKeat

Customer Service - LeonBeh

Customer Service TeamLeader - JuneLok

AVRD - KakIda 

AVRD - KakFiza

AVRD - MarinaWee

AVRD - PinkyYap

AVRD - Twen 

closed chapter for my WismaGenting life~ open a new page for my new life ! 
thank you for your support and guidance.. 

found new job at WismaUOA. 
will be start on 25th June 2012.. may all the best ba !
hopefully is a good company for me to stay.. 

add oil OneOne ! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

June . NewLife

say hi to people,
seem like long time I didn't update. 
still the same reason lazy and busy. lol
finally today i'm in the mood to update about my MAY life. 
busy attending friend's convocation, shopping, working
it's really happy when get to meet some friends that didn't get to see for a long time :)
have a very good talking session with them 
honestly i miss you all 
i miss the life that we can be together talk to each other all the time. 
after working~
everyone hardly could meet up :( 
have to plan and plan.. 
but at least 
when we meet we got plenty of topic to talk HAHAHAHA ! 

congratulation to all of you ! 

playing with you all is fun and happy ! 

this is about the convocation on 26th May 2012. 

beside that, 

another news of me 
which is........ i already resign from the suffering company. lol
officially notice to them on 29 May 2012. 
two week notice-ing.. 
my last day will be on 6 June 2012. 
hopefully i everything go on well 
new job start on 20 June 2012, got a little of time for me to rest before start a new job! 

sorry for wasting your time and appreciate the opportunities that given with your professional guidance and support. 
some of them might said that i'm so impulse to make this decision but ~ i actually asked quite number of people before i made this decision. I'm glad that i did it! 
nothing is important than my happiness 
working at the environment that i don't like at all is suffer. 
yes, i admit that not all of the people there are bad or what so called not good
of course got good people around too. 
it just that i choose to leave.. not to stay in a place that i don't like. 
but i'm glad that i meet some good / helpful / friendly colleagues there :) 
thank you for taking care of me in this two month time. 

countdown 5 more days to leave :) 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother day

今天是母亲节 所以跑上来混一混 
想要在这里祝 全天下的妈妈 母亲节快乐 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

第一个看见我笑 我哭 我闹 的女人
养我 , 育我 , 爱我 , 疼我 , 锡我 , 哄我  , 宠我
让着我 , 照顾我 , 担心我 
当我难过 她心疼 , 我生病 自己不睡 也要看着我睡 深怕我有什么事情的
感谢妈妈把我带来这世界 让我看到这么美好的世界 
一直让我躲在她怀里 大风大雨她挡着 妈妈,是我这一辈子的避风港 
她对我疼爱 , 啰嗦都是为了我好 
虽然偶尔还是有点不耐烦 但还是会依着妈妈 :) 
辛苦你了 一直对我不离不弃~ 
把在你能力范围内 的最好都给我 
只要你可以的 你都帮我 
需要支持 你给我
需要肩膀 你都在 
想要发牢骚 你是我的听众 
我们就像是 好朋友 , 好姐妹 , 好母女 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

妈, 我好爱好爱你哦~  



♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, May 12, 2012

the month of may

superb late and delay post.
delay because lazy + busy
lazy to update because being so busy of work. lol
today Saturdayyyyy!! finally is holiday/weekend
stay at home home and update my bloggie :)

let's talk the happy one

1st of May the public holidayyyyyyyy~
where to spend?
me , teng and lingling decided to go to beachside !!
planned to go Sepang Gold Coast.
but but but
when reach there.............
is so so so so so so so many people due to the event that held there.
plan changed.
Port Dickson will do :)
all the way drive to there..
walk around taking picture shouting
playing chit chatting
*happy and laughter*

hohohoho!! this is the picture of the day :)
after the beach beach..
went back to Serdang ~
plan plan plan
and decided to go Setapak !
why? hiakhiakhiak..
visit someone someone~
yamcha and shop around there.......
back to Pandan Indah and yamcha with guaiwuu~
happy labour day !

other than that,
another day is 3/5/2012
celebrating the boss wongwong birthday..
thursday night went to dinner at Setapak Hometown steamboat ~
eat eat laugh laugh.
then head to Genting Starbuck to cut cake.

picture of the day :)

starbuck genting celebrate!
happy 21st birthday to the boss.. xD
home sweet home after that
and the next day like a dead zombie to work. LOL!

work life just shit
teamleader really !#@$%^&*&^%$#@
is time for me think properly
and make my decision
hopefully everything will be fine
will be fine..............
and yea,
i have to change my attitude
not to be so hyperactive , annoying
am i really so annoying?
so disturbing?
i just don't know.
don't know
which way should go
better offer of course i will i ciao
can i handle the new environment?
can i?

think properly and make my decision

hopefully is a happy May :)
can i have a after rain?
i don't want always be raining for my mood.
rainbow , i'm waiting for you to color up my day

that's all.

Monday, April 30, 2012

last April 2012 .

last day of April . 30/04/2012
the day that i snakey ~ just feel so lazy to work. :(
should slap me ! i know i shouldn't do so but yet i did.
T_T working life is like shitty life!
long hour less money
facing brainless customer and higher management.
regretted work in this department.
hardly can stand for this department , customer thinking they all is king . KING and QUEEN
give order and scold you like a dog. everything u did is wrong
even you're right but yet still WRONG
ask for help from the them,
they will be like depends on the mood
mood good help
bad mood scold and show you face.
i know you are higher position than me , but i'm still human being.
not animal or pet which that can let you scold
i got feel . i got mood . i got my temper
pray hard. release me as soon as possible
no release to other department , i might be the one who release myself from this shitty department.
i know working life is like that but hardly acceptable
hopefully i can face it . god bless.
feel so bad and unhappy working there. T^T
breakfast and lunch also ate bread for almost a month.
save cost.
no experience this is the life ! :(
miss the moment when studying .......
play and chat around.
do whatever i want..
time flies.

smile :)
hello may ! are you a good month for me?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

unhappy . moody

i'm so die-ing of my job :(
sound like a easy job but not really
the guest that i handle most of them SUCK
now i realize i hate the word of CUSTOMER ALWAYS THE RIGHT very much
hate it till the max  
because of this word
everything that guest/customer scold i have to take it by myself
no one will help
teamleader? sit and laugh at you
superior? talk empty to help you
colleagues? yes. the only people that will help
but sometime they will engaged to the line too
telling the truth to customer but they don't even bother what you talking about
ignore your reason . continue scolding you .
satisfy ? NO . today is the day . on phone with the guest for 40 minutes + she scold me all the time .
tell her isn't my fault . but she can't understand my word and continue scolding
let her finish and cut off my line . hell thanks to you ! 
the 40 minutes really wonderful !
your daughter is daughter . me ? a dog is it?
bark like a shit ! i can't even fight back you just because of CUSTOMER ALWAYS THE RIGHT
bull you to the shit !
excuse me , what you tell me? i know is not your problem .
then why the fuck you scolding me?
bear in mind . think of people situation .
what if the one you scolding in the future is your daughter/son ?
i understand that's my job .
but please . not too over .
customer scolding , superior black face . ain't easy to take it
i'm not taking your salary ms superior , can you please don't show me your lovely face?
a little salary work like a billion salary people
you order i work
this is working life . climb as high as you can before people step on you !
try my best overcome it
hopefully i can do it

cheers please .

Thursday, March 29, 2012

working life

evening people! my blog was so dead due to my laziness and i'm just so lazy and busy ~ LOL
busy what? busy working of course ~ :D currently , i'm working at Wisma Genting as a customer service operator~ working life is so tiring and lack of time :((
work like nobody business WORK WORK WORK
until lack of time.. no time to go out no money to yamcha lol
spend a lot this month !
for my office / formal clothes , bag , shoes :(
and a big GOOD news is ....... this month salary will delay to end of April only get it
haihz.. eat bread the whole month
maybe i will loss some weight? xD
hahahahahaha.. hopefully !! LOL~
after i get my salary i will go and eat something nice =.=ll
god bless me !
hopefully everything go on smoothly while working
no customer complaint
no customer scold me
no customer rude to me
get more more more salary xD
*day dreaming*

happy working :)
good luck to me !

buhbye ! :3

Saturday, March 17, 2012

what a life

good morning? hahahaha..

Saturday interview , Sunday Orientation , Wednesday first day working / training and Friday Resigned 

gonna post out about my job recently
as i told at previous post that i'm going for training / working on wednesday
everything goes on smoothly
i get to know about that more and trying / learning it..
when finished work, shinteng told me that her friend which is her buddy of that day told her that another side of Wisma Genting is having two vacancy.. so we decided to go for interview
at first , we thought of working on both side which is two job for us..
and the final decision is we give up the part time job and concentrate to the office full time job..
we couldn't make it for the part time job due to we scare that we can't handle on both side
because it been a long time we didn't come out and work :(
so mummy and some of my friends said,
better concentrate and work on one job first..
wait until i get used to the job only consider about work on part time job..
what they said is right..
if i work on both side it's consider as i'm torturing myself by working both job
wake up early in the morning . sleepless due to work on part time job
they said i'm just gonna find income not torturing myself by work on both side..
made my decision

wish me luck !

full time job gonna be tough and i will try my best to learn and do my best !!

plan . do . achieve my goal !

fight with me . k ? :))

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

pre - start !

你好, 星期二晚 ~
这次真的是要 收拾好全部心情 然后就要 开!工!
心情很紧张 :(
七上八下 十五十六的 
不想赔钱 不想被骂 

不过就如妈妈说的 什么都有第一次 
面试成功 就已经是个 好开始 
啊~ 加油 加油 !! 



Thursday, March 8, 2012


07 / 03 / 2012

滴答滴答滴答 滴 雨下了一整晚 一直到现在都还没有停 
地球啊 你在哭了吗? :( 

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hello people!
It’s been a time that I didn’t update my blog, but when I’m in the mood to update it. the most “lovely TM” was bullying me !! guess what ? I can’t online for few days due to the what-so-called SYSTEM DOWN ! T____T

What I’m going to post is about my interview ! went to interview on Saturday 3/3/2012 at Wisma Genting. Interview time is 10am and we reach there earlier to give people a good image! LOL~! Hahahahah.. thanks to Mr Manson that fetch us from Pandan Indah to Pavilion.. Big Big Thank You to him~ xD *clap clap*
Interview interview .. hurmmm.. Hopefully everything going well ~ asked us some question and tell us about the details that work there.. Went for breakfast with Manson and Teng ate yong taufu! *nom nom nom*

Guess what? Went to Teng’s house to sleep a.k.a charge energy before the movie at night!
“Devil inside” at 1040pm with babe lingling , wongwong , yangyang and how wong.. *scary nie*.. before movie I told them not to scared me but but but that lingling and wongwong both people keep on scared me!! T__T but.. that movie not that nice, bad ending -.-ll
After movie went for supper at In House Café , Mahkota Cheras there.. supper supper ~ chit chatting , gossiping around until 2am and ciao back to home sweet home ! the most worst is.. the next morning means Sunday I have to wake up at 7am+.. ohmygosh! I feel so sleepy ~

Orientation !!! I don’t know why their orientation quite special cause they not introducing people around but they let us sit beside the operator and listen what they doing. Thanks to them that teach me and let me know more about what I gonna do soon.. after orientation, the person in charge told us that we have to wait for their update either they gonna hire us or not !

WISH ME LUCK please!

And yea,


Love you to the max! Wish all your dream come true and stay pretty as always :D
Even while your party I can’t be with you , but at least you know that I’m always beside you !

That’s all for today update !

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new chapter opened :)

suppose to be sleep time but i'm still blogging.. 

-- The Chapter --

went to college with my junior slim and wenny on monday 
meet up time 11am but too bad i couldn't make it due to my lovely mum closed my alarm and wake me up half an hour later.. -.-ll 
so yea, i'm late~! reached college at 1130am.. luckily not too late else they gonna nag me.. lol 
raining in the morning *yawn*
took my Diploma Certificate !
which is i'm OFFICIALLY GRADUATED from SEGi college :)
study there for three years ! 
i learn a lots of thing there , meet new friends , got happy and crazy moment , sad and emo too!
the three years make me grow a lot! 
cert took means i'm not a student anymore 
no student price for movie 
no student price for sing k 
no student discount for food 
*what a sad case* 
now is time to closed my college life chapter 
open up a new chapter of my life !
the new chapter i don't know what i will learn , what i will gain 
but pray hard its good thing for me :)
i know i still have you all to be with me 


 my Diploma Certificate from SEGi College Kuala Lumpur 




结束就是 另一个 开始


各位 晚安

Thursday, February 16, 2012

-- life --

say HI to everyone
is time to update my bloggie since i'm free tonight :D
actually.. planned to sleep early tonight cause tomorrow got work
work cancelled T__T
means no money no income.. aiks
and yea, today don't know is what lucky day of mine !
keep on bang here and there
from head to leg :(
my leg even bleeding but not a big case narr.. no worries

update about my life recently
being moody for some times
and stress for my BRIIIIIGHTT FUTURE
haihz.. i got no idea what i gonna do
no target , no goal ~ how to achieve?
is time to face the reality , hide away from this question for so long
i promised my family will work after chinese new year
but i still couldn't find any good / interested job yet :(
how could i wish that i'm like those others who glad of their job
happily went to work everyday ..
too bad i'm not..
while people think that i'm enjoying with no working ,
i'm actually stressed a lot about that !
lifeless , useless :(
people said i got diploma cert ma.. can find job easily and so on
but if you don't like that job it couldn't work out
i feel i'm so useless
can someone tell me what should i do?
what should i go for?
any intro?

kay kay .. skip the stressed and moody part
let's go to the happy and enjoy part .. LOL!

out with nyamuk for movie !! :3
i know she always lovely and caring friend !!
whenever she know i'm moody or not in the mood
she will be my listener / rubbish tong / clown
listen to me when i need to talk ~
take away my moody and emo throw it , recycle and process some laughter for me ~
always act cute to make me laugh~! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
she's really really lovely narr.. :3
bring me out la.. fetch me back home even she stay quite far *.*
worry about me and so on so on :)

p/s : the guys is nyamuk's brother a.k.a LALAT ~ hahahahahahaa!!
shen wei la.. xD

hahahhahahahahaha xD

beside that ,
i also out with my babe lingling a.k.a ki ling ko long and dearShinTeng xD
whenever we three get the time gather
we will laugh like mad people =.=
chat like the cafe we own it.. lol~!!
talk loud , laugh loud , sit / lay like our house .. >''<

three of them is my lovely lovely babe and dear !!

other than that ,
hang out with the college friend last wednesday :D
yey! finally get to meet them..
miss you all a lot :(
sing k for sure !!
too bad that CEO no more singing marathon from 11am-7pm ..
without that promotion the price are so so so so so darn expensive !!
red box law yat will do..
cheaper price..
sing , shout , laugh , chat !!

let's the picture do the talking :D

wenny a.k.a mon-key , mei mei (wenny's sister) , adery and me !

opssy!! i look fat .. T___T

my friends , thanks a lot for everything..
cheer me up when i'm moody / sad ,
be my listener / rubbish tong ,
pamper and care of me ,
give advice when i need it ,
last but not least
crazy with me :D

love you all muchie !!