Wednesday, October 10, 2012

memorable 21st

hahahaha.. harlo peoplesss!

after so long i only manage to update my blog. why?
since 7 august 2012 went for eyes check up at eyes specialist Pantai Indah Hospital.
got a very big surprise which is my left eyes after checking....
conclusion come out with a unexpected. retinal detachment.
the only way to cure it is OPERATION.
went for another hospital to check and still.. the same conclusion.
went to hospital ampang all the doctor said it quite serious and not to wait anymore because the longer time i wait the percentage of getting recover is lesser.
what a big present from the God right?
they refer me to Hospital Selayang for operation due to Hospital Ampang unable to do the operation.
admit to hospital on 8 august 2012 and operation on the same day.
doctor said that the operation expected time is 45 minutes to 1 hours.
but as for my case is much complicated. the operation go on for 4 hours which i'm awake. lol
doctor even chat with me during the operation time to avoid my nervous-ness.
after operation it took around 3 weeks plus to stable it.
but guess what?
went for check up again and doctor told me that
my eyes situation doesn't get better and need to go thru second operation.
admitted again on 4 september 2012
operation on 5 september 2012.
the same thing again. operation go on for 4 hours and the only different is this time i'm totally sleep.
awake , vomit , blood pressure went low after everything go home to stable it.
two weeks later,
another check up.
keep my finger crossed.. i wish it was a good news.
and finally.
yea! good news. doctor said the detach part stick back. :)
need another two weeks to let eyes pressure going low.
another two weeks later,
YESH! finally ~ doctor said it better and better!
but be prepared that, vision couldn't get back to before and there is some side effect.
is okay! at least i still got back my eyes. lol

above picture is the processing of getting recover.
from the first day out from operation until now.

give me some time! my pretty blink blink eyes will be back :D

that's all for today!! buhbye~