Thursday, March 29, 2012

working life

evening people! my blog was so dead due to my laziness and i'm just so lazy and busy ~ LOL
busy what? busy working of course ~ :D currently , i'm working at Wisma Genting as a customer service operator~ working life is so tiring and lack of time :((
work like nobody business WORK WORK WORK
until lack of time.. no time to go out no money to yamcha lol
spend a lot this month !
for my office / formal clothes , bag , shoes :(
and a big GOOD news is ....... this month salary will delay to end of April only get it
haihz.. eat bread the whole month
maybe i will loss some weight? xD
hahahahahaha.. hopefully !! LOL~
after i get my salary i will go and eat something nice =.=ll
god bless me !
hopefully everything go on smoothly while working
no customer complaint
no customer scold me
no customer rude to me
get more more more salary xD
*day dreaming*

happy working :)
good luck to me !

buhbye ! :3

Saturday, March 17, 2012

what a life

good morning? hahahaha..

Saturday interview , Sunday Orientation , Wednesday first day working / training and Friday Resigned 

gonna post out about my job recently
as i told at previous post that i'm going for training / working on wednesday
everything goes on smoothly
i get to know about that more and trying / learning it..
when finished work, shinteng told me that her friend which is her buddy of that day told her that another side of Wisma Genting is having two vacancy.. so we decided to go for interview
at first , we thought of working on both side which is two job for us..
and the final decision is we give up the part time job and concentrate to the office full time job..
we couldn't make it for the part time job due to we scare that we can't handle on both side
because it been a long time we didn't come out and work :(
so mummy and some of my friends said,
better concentrate and work on one job first..
wait until i get used to the job only consider about work on part time job..
what they said is right..
if i work on both side it's consider as i'm torturing myself by working both job
wake up early in the morning . sleepless due to work on part time job
they said i'm just gonna find income not torturing myself by work on both side..
made my decision

wish me luck !

full time job gonna be tough and i will try my best to learn and do my best !!

plan . do . achieve my goal !

fight with me . k ? :))

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

pre - start !

你好, 星期二晚 ~
这次真的是要 收拾好全部心情 然后就要 开!工!
心情很紧张 :(
七上八下 十五十六的 
不想赔钱 不想被骂 

不过就如妈妈说的 什么都有第一次 
面试成功 就已经是个 好开始 
啊~ 加油 加油 !! 



Thursday, March 8, 2012


07 / 03 / 2012

滴答滴答滴答 滴 雨下了一整晚 一直到现在都还没有停 
地球啊 你在哭了吗? :( 

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hello people!
It’s been a time that I didn’t update my blog, but when I’m in the mood to update it. the most “lovely TM” was bullying me !! guess what ? I can’t online for few days due to the what-so-called SYSTEM DOWN ! T____T

What I’m going to post is about my interview ! went to interview on Saturday 3/3/2012 at Wisma Genting. Interview time is 10am and we reach there earlier to give people a good image! LOL~! Hahahahah.. thanks to Mr Manson that fetch us from Pandan Indah to Pavilion.. Big Big Thank You to him~ xD *clap clap*
Interview interview .. hurmmm.. Hopefully everything going well ~ asked us some question and tell us about the details that work there.. Went for breakfast with Manson and Teng ate yong taufu! *nom nom nom*

Guess what? Went to Teng’s house to sleep a.k.a charge energy before the movie at night!
“Devil inside” at 1040pm with babe lingling , wongwong , yangyang and how wong.. *scary nie*.. before movie I told them not to scared me but but but that lingling and wongwong both people keep on scared me!! T__T but.. that movie not that nice, bad ending -.-ll
After movie went for supper at In House Café , Mahkota Cheras there.. supper supper ~ chit chatting , gossiping around until 2am and ciao back to home sweet home ! the most worst is.. the next morning means Sunday I have to wake up at 7am+.. ohmygosh! I feel so sleepy ~

Orientation !!! I don’t know why their orientation quite special cause they not introducing people around but they let us sit beside the operator and listen what they doing. Thanks to them that teach me and let me know more about what I gonna do soon.. after orientation, the person in charge told us that we have to wait for their update either they gonna hire us or not !

WISH ME LUCK please!

And yea,


Love you to the max! Wish all your dream come true and stay pretty as always :D
Even while your party I can’t be with you , but at least you know that I’m always beside you !

That’s all for today update !