Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7-eleven friends

good afternoon people.. let me introduce you all my 7-eleven friends.. 
7-eleven friends means the friends that willing to stay by your side support, advice, happy and sad together no matter what time they will 24hours on! and the most important they are free of charge! 

i will show you all some of them.. the one that i really care! 

snack - hui min 

i know her since when i'm in primary school.. form 2 if i'm not mistaken..
she teach me a lot..
being my big sister.. pamper and take care of me..
sometimes she will be very fierce when she's angry..
we know each for 5-6 years.. from stranger until now.. from friend until bestie..
we used to walk back to home together when we're still studying in primary school..
eat mc donald's together..
shopping, movie, chit chatting, yamcha together..
she teach me how to save money by not using it in those un-needed item..
while my birthday she will celebrate with me..
although she can't celebrate with me but her wishes will be always there..
birthday card that she made for me.. birthday present birthday celebration..
she will always accompany me whenever i need her..
she will not to forget to tag me along when she went out.. always ask me to join with her.. and her family..
and my mum always feel secure when i went out with her.. =D
thanks for pamper me!

passion fruit tea - shinteng 

she is one of my dear! if you read my blog or personally know me well.. you will always heard this name form my mouth.. hahahahaha.. both of us get to know each other in a very special relation.. hahahaha..
that time she's so quiet.. not crazy like now.. LOL!
after graduated.. both of us keep contact through facebook.. we get closed through facebook also..
thanks to facebook huh?
from first we date each other come out to tea together.. until now..
she become crazy like me! =D
she always by my side.. advice, support me!
i really appreciate what she did to me.. like she willing to come to my area and bring me out all the way from her boyfiee house.. bring me to yamcha, shopping, movie, dinner everything!
not only her.. even her boyfiee fei zaii zen.. both of them protective over me.. they will bring me to somewhere.. be their spotlight.. both of them also take care of me well~! thank you fei zaii gor and dear narr~!!
she is just so cute and lovely.. caring of me all the time.. i can feel that she's so sayang me.. am i right shinteng?
i'm so glad and happy that whenever she's not happy she willing to find me.. talk to me..
i still remember last year birthday she's the first one who wishes me through my phone..^^
i get her message sharp on 12am! =D *thank you*
chong shin teng! i willing to be your dustbin nar.. recycle all your unhappy and produce some happy for you..
i'm just a big kid in among the gang.. i can get mad easily if anyone of my friends don't appreciate me! hahahahaha.. i believe she's know well.. ^^

lemon fruit - shanny 

shanny!! she is my babe nar.. the one that really really 38 in among us.. she can be very rude sometimes.. hahahaha.. she can be very man sometimes.. she can be very "ganas" sometimes.. she also can be a very good friends not for sometimes but all the timessss!!
i know her for not that long time.. she's not my primary school friends.. but facebook friends!
she's shinteng friends that they know each other when national services at Sabah..
how that i and shanny know each others?
facebook! that time we planning to spam shinteng wall.. hahahaha..
from spamming shinteng wall we get to know each others.. until she become my babe!
the first time we meet each other at black and white cafe!
very first time i saw her.. she look so giant! hahahahah.. *joking nar*
three of us seriously ignore everyone surrounded the cafe! we laugh we joke we play we camwhore together!
until now.. every time we go out.. we still do the same! ignore everyone!
we don't care how people look at us.. we just enjoy it!
she's working at singapore.. back to malaysia for sometimes.. but no matter how hard for she to arrange her time she will always give us a time to meet and gathering together.. how lovely that she gonna be?
this time she come back form singapore for one months..
of course we feel happy for that.. but i know she's will be sad and mad for some day.. because she couldn't stay with her beloved one..
babe.. never mind nar.. we still here to accompany you! no moody please~!!!!
we want the happy , 38 and crazy you.. bring us the cutest you! =)
she will be so protective over me for sometimes.. hahahahaha.. thank you babe!

lovely cake - mon-key

i bet some of you know.. who is my mon-key?!
she is one of my college mates.. we took the same course in college but different intake..
she can consider as my junior.. i'm january intake and she is april intake..
we know each other for not a long time.. like around 2 years?
but.. in this two years.. we started to be closed to each other..
from just a college mates until friends and mon-key~
i got this name for her.. mon-key~! because while we studying french class.. this word suddenly appear from my mind.. start from that day i called mon-key..
she is a lovely and caring friends..
she take care of me a lots..! of course i take care of her too.. XP
until now.. we really really close to each others..
thanks to the training period at Langkawi for three months!
in this 3 months.. she really be my good friends and mon-key..
she will take care of me no matter what time..
i drunk.. she will accompany me , not to left me one people aside.. =)
i sad.. she borrow me her shoulder for me to cry.. but.. i think i borrow her more? XP hahahaha
she is a girl that can cry out easily.. i'm protective over her too!
i don't want she get any hurt from anyone else..
along the 3 months.. we sleep together , eat together, work together everything if we can we be together!
even some of the manager said we are twins cause we can't left each others.. =D
i really appreciate her to the max.. she just like my sister..
i will be willing to go to college just to not let her be alone.. because she don't like to be alone!
i will try my best to sayang her as i can..
i just wanna tell you mon-key.. the time you crying i will not be happy nar.. because your tears is just too expensive to let is wasted.. you tell me you won't be cry easily.. but your attitude will lead your tears come out.. i would like to borrow my shoulder for you if you need it.. =)
i say it and i really mean it~!

chocolate - nyamuk a.k.a vanzy 

nyamuk nyamuk nyamuk!!!!!!!!!
or mosquito? hahahahahaha.. she's also one of my college friends.. we took different course but we can meet each other in the same class.. weird? hahahaha.. we got the same subject last few semester..
human resource class.. *shitty class* hahahaha.. i just don't like the class.. the lecturer is kinda... hurmm..
how we get to be so close? ermmm.. is because of the group presentation!
then we started to be a very good friends.. she is my dustbin! hahahaha.. i throw everything to her.. either happy or not~ =D she will help me to recycle it!
the first time we go out together is to sing K! they all is......... not-that-high-gang.. not really 38.. but as for nyamuk, she can be very naughty too.. doesn't look like right? but the truth is~ she can be very 38 too!
whenever i moody or happy she will by my side.. and guess what? she is a pig! 100% confirmed..!
she will be sleep until 2-3pm.. O_o crazy? hahahaha.. but this is her ! the real her! piggggggg.. XD
she will be very take care of me..
when i'm in langkawi.. she called me to chat with me.. to greet me happy chinese new year!
both of us chat on the phone for around 1hours+.. we talk we joke we laugh together!
she also ALWAYS BULLY me.. hahahahah.. other than that.. she also will help me whenever i need help..
like assignment.. she will help me to check either okay or not.. she also will help me to re-correct it.. if i did it in the wrong way.. how nice that she is? very nice!
last year birthday.. she make me a mini birthday card.. thank you! the card is just so cute..
got some of our friends wishes inside.. and she bring me to pavy.. for a little celebration.. like eating , camwhore together..  what she promised.. she will always do the best and make it come true for me..
without FFK! xD
she is not the one who FFK but me.. hahahhaa... sorry nar nyamuk.. i doesn't means to FFK you..
i'm really glad that have you to be my nyamuk.. the one and the only one nyamuk!

sweetie sweet - huikuan

huikuan huikuan.. she might not always outing with me.. but she is one of the good friends of me..
she will bring me to eat when i'm hungry.. she will think of me when she go for movie..
we know each others for quite some times.. she same like huimin.. be the one who pamper me..
we walk to school when we were studying..
never forget that, she is the one who plan to bring me to celebrate my birthday last year...
i'm so touching! she will not give surprise but she will straight away bring me to celebrate!
she even tell me that.. whenever no one bring me to eat just give her a call! she will be the one who bring me or accompany me to eat.. not only she sayang me.. but her boyfiee also good to me..
they will bring me to be their spotlight.. hahahahahaha!! mum always nag me.. why you go and be people spotlight~!! xD
really thanks to her for treating me as a good friends~

this is my lovely babes and dearies.. other than this.. still got some good friends.. 
i would like to say a million of thank you for you all that take care , pamper , support me! 
i just love you all so much.. my life wouldn't be that colorful without you all.. 
thanks for being my friends.. 
thanks for everything.. 
friends doesn't measure in quantity but quality..
you all are the most good quality friends of me! 
you all left a lot of footprints and memories for me.. 
no matter what will happen in the future.. you guys are perfect for me! 
i couldn't live without you all~!!!! i love you all~!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011




Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011


i'm having exam on the coming tuesday!!!
gosh... i haven't study yet..
not in the mood to study at all.. where's my mood been? =(
the paper is the last paper of my diploma course..
after the paper.. no more diploma for me..!
i finished my diploma course.. hurmmm..
if i didn't failed this subject
i already done my course..
since i failed i need to re-sit it!
hopefully everything go on smoothly..
i can pass my paper..
i don't want a excellent result but
at least give me a PASS!

i'm so suffer..!
i don't know which way should i go..
everyone got their way already except for me..
still dreaming around without finding my way..
stupid me!
to continue study?
*i don't think i can handle degree assignment because its much more harder than diploma..
to work?
* i don't know what should i work.. hotel? too early for me.. sales? can i?
haihx haihx haihx!!!!

oh yea.. last few days
went to in house with my nyamuk and babe girlssss..
chit chat there
eat there
taking picture there..
whooo~! kinda enjoy! =D