Thursday, September 30, 2010

financial VS french

what a headache day~ !
today having morning class..
and raining in the morning.. -,-''
it make me feel lazy to go class..
i want to continue my dreaming.. lol
i'm a super lazy girl~! lol
but i admit it i'm lazy..
i think the one who know me well they will know..
but at last i'm going for my classes.. 

due to raining.. 
i'm late to financial class as usual..
lecturer said : -,-'' i already postpone the class from 8.45am to 9.00am but still got student is late..
i used to late his class.. 
because of his class is too boring 
he don't even let people talk in the class..
so during his class what can we do??
is keep on drawing rubbish and day dreaming.. hahaha
or else we can use phone to online.. xD
i know i'm a bad student..
i found out something~!
which is~
lecturer will used to talk with one of the girl.. xD
don't mention it who is she.. 
let you all guess..

let you guys see.. 
what am us doing his class going on.. 
i keep on take picture..
wenny and xx is conteng-ing the notes and table
bearbear is day-draming.. lol~!!!!!
if she saw it she will box me.. xDD
let me show you all some picture.. 

the pencil that wenny, xx, and bearbear use..
they are using the same one..
this is what called " TEAMWORK
not only this.. 
i think got few of them is using the same phone..
same model, same colour.. 
but i didn't take picture.. 

wenny hand.. this is her french name.. amelie~

nougat that wenny bring it for us.. xD
i get two.. because i take her one~ 
yummy~! i love it~
i'm so bad.. 
but i just share one of it to my uncle.. =)
i'm a good girl too~! lol

this one is during french class~!
she drew her hand.. 
with her boyfriend name.
so lovely.. xD

after financial class.. 
we head to aunty's there to have our brunch~!
actually planing to go McD..
but need to wait so long.. 
so cancelled..

finish our brunch then go back to classroom and study french~!
today we having french test~!!!
OMG~ is so hard!!
ms say even we forgot a question mark there will be zero mark.. 
means no mark at all..
everytime having french class is so stress~!
scared of ms.. 
and she likes to call people sitting mix up..
not like a group group like that~
is hard to sit with the one that you're not really close with..
you can't talk to each other or communicate to each others..
we prefer to sit with the one we know well and can communicate well..

oh yea~!
that's all for today..
thanks for wasting time to read my blog..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

home day~

today stay at home the whole day..
and the weather is so comfortable..
tomorrow gonna go for financial class.. 
omg.. i hate financial class!!!~
the class is superb boring..
the lecturer just keep on talk talk talk and talk..
he even don't let people talk while in the class..
is so hard to ask people not to open mouth..
how good if i can drop this subject.. 
then i no need to feel so stress when having his class..
someone help me please~!
why hotel course need to learn financial~~~~
how good if hotel course no need learn financial..
most of us is complaining about the new lecturer..
but we just complain among friends..

tomorrow is having french test..
OMG~! i havent study at all.. 
how to do ??
french is so hard~!
not only hard to pronouns but writing part is hard too~!
but if can choose..
i still prefer to choose french class rather than financial class.. xD
so sad........
can't choose.. 
have to take both subject~!

today i just keep doing nothing..
online-ing and watching tv~
so enjoy~!!
i love to stay at home..
i can do everything i want..
sleep sleep sleep..
hurmm.. anyone got what thing can make my panda eyes gone?!
my panda eyes is become so serious..
i don't want it~!
go away from me please~!!

hurmmm.. that's all for today~
just a random post..

my ugly picture..
take it during online.. heeeeee*

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bye necklace..

sad post~!
both of my necklace DIED..
*cry cry cry*

the 1st necklace was dead one day before my friends wedding..
that one is from my cousin~
she bought me as souvenir when she went to Laos.. 
another one is from my mum friends..
she gave it to me because she say that the necklace to small..
she can't wear it..


both of it leave me.!!!~
the one that mummy friend gave me..
is DEAD on today morning while i'm having my breakfast..
my mum was like.. 
showing me this face ... ----->  =,=''
how can my daughter so rough..
both necklace DIED on my hand.. 
i kill them..

i'm so sorry~
*sob sob*

come come.. 
i show you guys the picture.. 

bye bye necklace..
rest in peace.. lol~!

that's all for today~!

outing shinteng and shanny..

yo~! is time to update update.. 
after a long holiday..
everyone is lazy to go for classes..
include me.. lol
monday morning class is really boring!
sleepy all the time..
this monday i having 3 classes..
is so tiring.. 
3 classes.. one is having presentation and another one having french oral test..
presentation is suck.. 
i don't even know what am i presenting..
i think i don't get high marks.. =(
i will do my best next time.. lol~!
the oral part is okok.. 
not that bad and not that good.. 
is not a good think if the lecturer remember your name..
because the lecturer will call you more often..

after all the classes..
not going home.. 
straight away go and find my dear shinteng and babee shanny~
babee shanny is back from singapore~!
she came back for a holiday..
finally this time we mange to meet each others..
last few times she came back but we couldn't make it to meet each others..
because of the timing~ lol
after class take lrt to times square~
because she's there.. 
then go back to her house to wait shinteng~
finally shinteng is here!!~
her scary bii along.. -.-''
i don't know why.. i scare of her bf.. 
after knowing each other.. 
now i don't scare anymore~~ xD
claps claps*

is raining when we planning to go yamcha..
we just go iceroom beacause..
near shanny house~! xD
chit-chatting and camwhored.. 
picture is not with me~~ 
so you guys don't have picture to view..

oh yea.. i went yamcha with them with my formal look.. -.-''
i'm the only one wear so formal to yamcha.. 

anyway~ i love you girlsssss.. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010


early in the morning already feel moody!!
what happen to me??
nowadays i really easy to get moody and emo..

i hate someone mumbling me in the early morning..

i hate to do housework whenever i moody

i hate someone who break their promise..

i hate someone who always gossip

i hate wake up in the early morning and doing nothing

i hate to do slideshow but i need to do..

i hate someone that didn't do what they means

i hate to wait people for few hours

OMG~! what happen to me??
i don't want myself to be like that!!!
i'm so so so so so moody recently..
i don't want to be like that.. 
it drive me crazy~!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


hellow everyone..
update update update.. 
did anyone miss me?? 

today is saturday..
i think everyone will be busy to go out for shopping and movies..
except me..
saturday and sunday sometimes i prefer to stay at home
because can save money and rest~
yesterday i went out with my dear~~~ 
p/s : my dear is girl.. we call each other dear cause it sound more close.. lol
hmm.. didn't meet her for 3 months..
miss her a lot..
she stay at her bf's home..
so is kinda far away from my house..
that's why hard to meet each others sometimes..
didn't meet her for quite a time
she change a lot..
the last time we meet i think is we went for movie 
then she like missing in action..
last night finally we meet..
she called me to go yam cha and pasar malam..
how sweet of her.. =)
firstly we plan to go pandan jaya ice room~
but since is friday
so we went to pasar malam..
just walk awhile 
then sit down and enjoy our snow ice..
didn't manage to take picture..
because we're busy chit chatting.. XD
after finish the snow ice..
went to pasar malam again..
but just walk awhile due to raining.. =(

after that..
get into car and plan where to go again..
black and white cafe..
there change a lot.. 
even the furniture is different from before~
is much more comfortable and nice..
chit chatting over there for 4 hours ++ 
then mummy keep calling ask for her popiah
which means is time to go home..
reach home around 12am..
mummy didn't scold me.. xD


yeah~! i enjoy our 38 chit chatting a lot..
dear.. good luck for your new job~!
i know you can do it~!!
take care and miss you~
waiting for our next outing ya..

sorry.. no picture.. the picture that we took inside car is with dear shinteng..
so.. that's all for today~
is time to do my " beloved slide show " LOL
i hate presentation!!!!!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy mooncake festival~

sorry for the late post...
it should be yesterday post but..
i don't know what happen to my internet.,
everything is so slow..
even facebook so of the game can't even load in..

happy belated mooncake festival to all of you..
have a happiness night with your family and friends..
yesterday for me is nothing special..
just like a normal day~
online, watching drama, sleeping and
eat mooncake.. 
this year mooncake festival kinda like quite..
didn't saw anyone lighting up the  lantern..
guess what?
yesterday i don't have class~!
i rest and spend my whole day at home..

and here..
some of the mooncake picture for you guys..

regular mooncake.. nothing special.. LOL

this mooncake is made by jelly.. chocolate flavor~!
is so nice.. 
once again 
happy belated mooncake festival..

__________________________________________________________ SKIP

today not only going to post about mooncake festival..
another post is 
tuesday night yam cha..
this few days keep on going out..
go for xiaoxiu wedding day, wedding dinner, yam cha

tuesday night go yam cha with xiaoxiu and her husband, sweety penny, chloby, mr heng daii a.k.a louis and of course me..
the car is totally full..
because all of us too big~
hahahahhaha.. joking~
we enjoy a lot that night..
didn't manage to take picture..
just got some only
because not so in the mood..
that night is mrJerry a.k.a xiaoxiu husband treat us..
awww... he is so nice~! hahahahaha
a big thank you to him.. 
for sending us to yam cha and treat us too.. 

hurmmm.. nothing much to tell you guys already..
just view some picture.. ^^

hahahahahha.. this is the KID MEAL for xiaoxiu~
she say her baby wanna eat it.. 
so order it for her baby.. ^^
good mummy..

this is mr.hengdaii a.k.a louis
hahahahhaha.. see what he did to the smiley fries..
he use his chopsticks and " chap " the smiley face eyes..
poor the fries.. hahahhahahaXD

that's all for today..
will update more ya..
stay tuned~

thanks for reading my blog.. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wedding dinner a.k.a yam cha

hellow people..
is a late post of xiao xiu wedding dinner..
her wedding dinner on monday night~
venue at serdang..
the place quite nice.. 
everyone enjoy the dinner i think?
thanks for the heng daii fetch us go and back..
thankQ very muchie..

that day after class then back home.. 
online awhile and sleep awhile..
hahahaha.. cause wake up in the early morning for classes..
after that get ready and wait for yaneki come and fetch us to her home
then walk to pizza hut together..
we're so good~ walk together with her.. LOL
but we were late..
xiao ping call us and say everyone was there where is us..
sorry for the late because yaneki busy.. hahahaha
luckily when i, huimin and yaneki arrive there, the heng daii haven't come yet~
so we're not consider so late~ xP

after arrive there..
sitting awhile and camwhored..
waiting everyone coming..
then start to eat..
the food is quite nice..
but our table all is ji muii means all girls..
so we ate not that much..
kinda wasted..
me. huimin, yaneki is so clever~!
LOL.. we saw the heng daii coming to ask us drink..
we ciao away~ hahahahaa..
lastly we didn't drunk..
but some ji muii really drunk..
until they don't know who send them back.. lol
they really drink a lot..
can't use how many glass to describe
how many bottle~!

so now..
is time to enjoy the picture.. 
hahahhaha.. some picture that took during wedding dinner and wedding day..

kellyQiqi and yaneki

me and huimin

yaneki and xiaoxiu a.k.a bride

me and chloe

me and sharry

me and xiaoxiu a.k.a bride

sweety penny and xiaoxiu

our gang~

girls and two hengdaii

the ji muii gang..

me and xiaoxiu~ this picture i just got it from the net..

all the ji muii in white~ 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

siew's wedding~

evening people~!
is time to update update my blog..
today i going to post about my best friend wedding..
which is xiao xiu~ 
yesterday was her wedding day..
some of us being ji muii.. 
the ji muii not only pandan mewah gang..
she also called some of her old friends and bestie to be her ji muii~
pandan mewah gang :
- me
- huimin
- sook sin
- pei ying
- elaine
- emily a.k.a xiao ping
- yaneki 
- yvonne

bride bestie and old friends :
- sharry
- rico
- chloe 
- penny
- chloby a.k.a yan

and some of it is her relative.. 

be ji muii is fun~
but yesterday we reach xiu house early in the morning..
which is 6am~!!!!!
omg!! i need to wake up at 4.15am 
to get ready..
is really tired due to the last night didn't sleep well 
and i went for the party~
so most of the ji muii will look like a panda.. 
wait there and doing nothing..
take some picture with the ji muii..
chit chatting while waiting the heng dai come..
but the heng dai doesn't look so good~
because some of it even wear slipper......
have u seen it??
people wear slipper to be heng dai..
they didn't give any cooperation to us..
don't listen what we talking..
the most important is~~~~~
they late for ONE HOURS~!!!!!!!
really angry about this..

anyway let's enjoy the picture~~
our camwhore picture and the sweetest husband and wife.. 

picture time~!!

me and huimin

me and  pei ying

me and penny

me and sook sin

me and yaneki

me and elaine

me and emily a.k.a xiao ping

me and yvonne

me and chloby

me annd kelly qiqi

our hand~ =)

some of the ji muii~ 

some of the ji muii..

the  sweetest~ husband and wife~ 

once again.. CONGRATULATION to them..
live with sweet and happiness.. 

big girl and big boy already..
no matter what will happen hold each other hand walk until the end~