Sunday, February 6, 2011

langkawi life

hey people..
finally i got time to update my blog..
time flies~ i came langkawi for almost one month..
at first i'm not used to the environment here..
and now i get to used to it..

oh yea.. forgot to wish everyone of my reader
a very happy chinese new year or happy rabbit year~!
i'm doing fine over here..
everything is okay..
people over here are so nice..
they treat me well not being bully.. xD

nothing much to say.. because i was lack of time nowadays..
although people on holiday i was working.. T_T
sad case huh??
and.. i didn't get any angpow this year..
one also don't have~! T_T
pity me.. xS

that's all.. laptop is no battery~!
ciao people..
i love and miss you guys a lot ya~!