Sunday, November 28, 2010

expired post..

super emo this few days.. 
when this feel can go away from me? 
i wanna be the eone back.. 
the annoying, naughty and hyperactive me.. 
where are you? 

haihz.. actually nothing much to update.. 
last thursday was my last class for this semester.. 
which is french and financial class..
since is last class~ 
i didn't skip it.. 
good girl huh?
didn't take much photo..
because everyone is on the exam mode.. lol
except me.. xS
after morning classes.. 
others all went to take their lunch..
only me and mon-key didn't go with them~
because we got our food.. 
the postman is on the way.. 
after finish our lunch~ 
then i started to camwhore.. 
who know.. 
when i wanna take picture with mon-key..
suddenly no electric.. 
everyone is shout my name.. 
my friend : what are you doing?? 
me : huh?? open my eyes.. owhhh~ how come no electric?!
they all say because of me taking picture causing no electric.. -,-'' 
my fault?? lol~!! confirmed NO~! 
is college problem.. hahaha.. 
after that~ 
wait for awhile.. then starting to camwhored during the dark.. 
and sharing scary stories in the dark.. 
i just be the listener.. xD
after that we moved our class to another building that got electric.. 
got light but...... 
inside the class.. everyone is sweating like hell.. 
complaining so HOT~! 
and so on.. 
after classes.. 

home sweet home~! 

that's all for the expired update.. lol~!

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