Friday, November 5, 2010

what a holiday~

tut tut tut~ 
is time to update~!!! 
today is friday a.k.a holiday~!

happy deepavali and happy holiday~!! 
hope that everyone enjoy your holiday yea~
especially all my indian friendss.. 
have a nice holiday~ ^^
for others.. 
enjoy the day~ 

for me~

today i wasted my time at my aunty house~ -,-''
actually i don't want to go there..
no choice~!
even got choice also cannot choose.. -.-'' 
so unfair.. 
because is my mum order~!
"it is an order" lol~!!
no reject.. no NO~! 
only yes.. and okay is available.. 
went there to visit aunty.. 
aughhh~! freaking bored~! 
stay there until headache.. -.-''
the hot weather is seriously killing me.. 
what i do over there?? 
hurmm.. playing with the puppy~ 
long time didn't saw both of her puppy.. 
luckily that the puppy still recognize me and didn't bark me.. LOL
sit over there for almost 3 hours.. 
going to fall asleep.. >.<
the word come out from my mum mouth~!
which is : let's go home~!! 

after home straight away online.. 
headache can you please go away from me huh??
don't so lovessss me pleasE~!
almost everyday you visit me..
don't you feel boring huh??
got anyway to cure my headache or not??
accept for panadol.. 
drink more water?? i did it.. but still the same.. 
hope tomorrow will be a better day~!
and SERIOUSLY i need START my coursework~!!!!!
if not i going to die with it~!!!! 
deadline is coming soon soon soon~!
2 coursework deadline also next week.. T.T
wish me luck!

last but not least..

bearbear must cheer up~!
although i couldn't accompany you all the time..
but i always by your side.. 
stay strong for everything..
anything you can find me.. 
i always ON for you~! hahahaha.. 
been single can be so good also..=)
you can see lengzai all the time~! 
without someone staring on you.. 
you can go out shopping any time..
without doing a report for someone.. 
it just my opinion~! ^^
or else........
find a new one~!! hahahahahaha.~!!!
lol.. laugh die you~!! xD
cheer yea~!! ji muii by your side~!! 
love and care you always.. 

thanks for reading..
take care and drink more water to avoid sickness ya~ 


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