Thursday, November 4, 2010

late post~ ♥

afternoon people~!
sorry for late update.. -,-''
plan to update yesterday but yet..
not feeling well..
yesterday i'm having headache and stomachache..  
T.T~ pity me..
but today i feel better~ *weeee
as nyamuk say.. 
why am i always headache huh?
hurmm.. she say i might got *tao fung* 
i don't know what it call in english..
and she suggest me not to take panadol.. 
not good for health.. 
but what to take then? LOL~!!
i hate headache and stomachache.. 
is very uncomfortable~!!

back to the topic..

late post~
this post actually happened on tuesday.. 
and due to my laziness and not feeling well..
been delay for 2 day.. 
hahahahha.. sorry guys~!

tuesday~!! french and law class..
french class is having test~!
i don't know why this lecturer loves to give us test and oral..
every time in her class.. 
everyone will feel very nervous~!
the test is so tough~!
i don't know how to do at all.. T.T
for sure will get shoot by her whenever she gave back the paper~! lol..
nothing special about french class..
but law class~
i didn't pay attention at all.. 
3 hours class.. 
i chit chatting and taking photo for 3 hours~!! 
omg~! bad student again~!!!
but this time..
not only me.. 
is everyone~!! hahaahahaha..
picture that i snap not only me also..
is me and xx.. 
that day she wear so pretty~!
with dress and make up some more.. 
since she is so pretty that day..
how can we waste it?!
snap snap snap some picture with her..

let the picture do talking.. 

pretty huh??

shhhh.. =X

xx and wenny a.k.a mon-key~!!


slim a.k.a bear bear boyfiee

our snack~!! during law class.. hahaha
actually not only cloud9 and oreo.. still got koko crunch and yogurt drink.. 

ber bear a.k.a vivi.. 
she is so busy trying camera.. hahahahaha


me and xx~~

cute huh??

again~ bear bear boyfiee.. xD

xx's cosmetic~ she say this is just part of it.. =.='' 

that's all for my tuesday classes..
and i skipped wednesday class.. 
due to not feeling well.. T.T

and here.. 
is some of my camwhored picture~~ hahahaha
that i took it yesterday.. lol~!!

during law class.. the picture above is before having a hair cut ya~!

have a hair cut yesterday~! 

really so so so in the mood of taking picture~ 
*perasan-ing* LOL


ending my post with my *zi-lian* picture~
hope that this post doesn't make you feel boring ya~!! 

thanks for reading~
will update soon~ 
take care everyone~

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