Saturday, November 20, 2010

WC birthday post~

hey people~ 
as i promise..
i will blog out about WC birthday..
he birthday at 18 November..
is thursday.. 
we planed to give him surprise..
and yea~ 
we successful~!

the day before his birthday.. which is wednesday.. slim text me and asked us to celebrate with him.. so~ i say okay.. then he planed everything.. my part is bring lighter.. lol~ all i need to do is bring lighter to light up the candle.. 

slim is the one who buy and planed everything.. a big thank you for him~ haha.. he even skipped the morning class because of wanna hide the cake from the birthday boy.. what a good brother he is.. LOL
what surprise that we did?? 

nothing special.. is just me and wenny hide inside the classroom.. waiting them to come up.. after the birthday boy enter the class then we sing the song for him.. that's all..~ hahahahaha.. 
so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the birthday boy WC.. 
may all your dream come true.. and stay happy yea.. 

let's the picture do the talking~

the cake~ *tiramisu* 

me and wenny play with the cake before they came in~ xD

=) don't misunderstand that is not our birthday.. we just play around with the cake..

taaadaa~!! the birthday boy~!!! 

birthday boy take 2~

the birthday boy and his brothers..
- birthday boy WC, slim and CCT

 husband and wife~!!! hahahaha.. such a cute couple~ xP

my beloved mon-key a.k.a wenny with the chocolate~ 

the show~!! hahahaha.. birthday boy bite out the candle~!!

taadaa~! spot the candle?? the chocolate stick is the candle~ hahahahaha..

take 2~

what are they doing?? -,-'' 
is actually~ WC wanna revenge slim.. hahahaha.. cause just now slim use the cream FACIAL for WC~ 

the supa dupa lovely one~ xD

WC revenge to slim.. and here is the result~ xD

the seldom seldom seldom will take picture the CCT~ 

my beloved mon-key leg~ hahahaha.. 

after cutting and eating cake.. we all is ready for the french class.. 
and then slim told miss that today is WC birthday..
so we sing french birthday to him~!!
hahahaha.. we're so good.. =)
after french class.. heading to law class.. and law lecturer were so lucky.. hahaha.. 
because he get a cake from the birthday boy~ but why.... french lecturer don't havE?? hahaha..

after that.. home sweet home~!
it was rain heavily when i'm on the way go home.. 
it make my area flood.. almost everywhere of it also flood.. haihz~
and the taxi driver said : your area is flood-ing.. i sent others 1st only sent you.. T_T 
the taxi that i took is so great~! you know why? 
because the taxi having some problem and the place that i sit is wet~! totally wet~!
i don't even got place to sit.. T_T 
pity me.. haihz.. 

that's all for WC birthday post~!
thanks for reading.. 

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