Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tenji Japanese Buffet~ ♥

afternoon people~!!
today is sunday - 14.11.2010
which is my beloved lovely dear shinteng birthday~!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to shinteng~!
sorry that we couldn't help her celebrate..
because you are working today.. 
but never mind.. i think you enjoy your birthday with your baby zen~ 
may all your dream come true~
become pretty and prettier~
love and miss you as always~ 

back to the topic~

Tenji japanese buffet - Mont Kiara.. 
went to there last night with rae and michael..
me and rae took train from cempaka to sri petaling~
because michael gonna pick up us over there..
after reached the station michael is there already..
then.. LET'S GO~!
when we're on the way there..
what am i doing??
camwhore.. -,-''

so let's the picture do talking~!

this picture took after they bully me.. *sobs

on  the way walking to Tenji.. 
*took for fun* xD

Tenji Japanese Buffet~

the view.. 

our food~! 

special for michael gor gor.. =)

there are so many food over there.. 
didn't manage to capture all.. 
because busy eating~ hahahaha

dessert corner~

coconuts~!! *yummy* 

the pretty Rae with coconut~ 


our camwhore picture~ ^^

both of them is so sweet~~~~~

wanted to take this picture for so long~
they didn't give me the camera.. T.T
but finallllllly i got it~! la-la-la-la~

me and rae~

me and michael gor gor~ 

me and kindori ice cream~~~~

michael gor gor and kindori ice cream~ 
hahahhahaha.. look cute leh?? xD

the cutlery~ 

the couple~ hahahaXD

holding each other hand and walk until the end~ 
the sweet couple~ ^^

my picture again~ *perasan-ing*

p/s : picture i got it from Rae facebook.. but some of the funny picture i think she didn't upload it~
she scare her image gone~! LOL~ hahahahhahahaXD

and yea~! that's all for today~!!
hope you guys like it~
thank you micheal gor gor and rae sending me back home~
and bring me for dinner ya~ =)


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