Saturday, November 20, 2010


thank you ~!
thank you Nyamuk , Rae and Mic gor gor for cheering me up yesterday..
thank you very much~!
give me a lil time.. then the super hyper and annoying e-one will be back to you guys..

i'm moody for this few days..
i don't know why~
hiahz.. i hate myself.. i was really down this few days.. haihz..
who can save me?? i don't want to be like this.. !!
i wanna be the hyper active e-one.. not emo e-one..!!
please don't ask me why.. i don't know~!
i really don't know what happen to me..
maybe is because of you? me? him? her?
no mood to do anything.. my assignment deadline is soon.. is real soon.. and exam is around the corner..
i feel like hide inside my blanket and cry out loud~! LOL.. maybe it will feel better?? hahhahaha..
going start it later..
i hope everything will be fine..

i still got one assignment and one presentation coming soon on monday..
but i still haven't start anything~
hopefully later i really can start it.. =(

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