Sunday, November 14, 2010

huikuan BIG day~!

hellow people~!
as i promise.. 
that i will update about huikuan birthday that we celebrate yesterday night~
so here you go~!

we went to the same place that they celebrate for me last time.. 
which is Serdang The Heritage..
The Heritage Gasoline~
this time their service is better than before.. lol.. 
we went there with~
huikuan (main character) , huikuan boyfiee, huikuan brother, huimin and me~!!

arrived there started to camwhore for awhile.. 
then taking order and eating~!! 

let's the picture do the talking~ ♥

the menu~

the sweetest couple~
nice?? is me and huimin's hand~ ^^

me and the birthday girl~ 

huimin and birthday girl~

the only picture that i manage to capture.. 
i don't know why he don't want to take picture.. 
maybe i'm too bad cameragirl.. so he don't wanted me to took his picture~ =(

again~ the main character~ ^^
birthday girl and her beloved~ sweet~

after camwhored is time to sing birthday song and cut cake~!!

happy birthday to you~ 
happy birthday to you~
haPPy BIRTHday to huikuan
happy birthday to you~

the cake~!
she is 20 this year~
i asked the bakery shop staff to gave me 1 big size candle and 10 small size candle~ 

look sweet?? 
yea.. of course~!! ^^

sweet~ is just only one word can describe them.. sweet and sweet~!

the most important part is~~~~~~
take out the candle from the cake.. 
but not using hand.. birthday girl need to bite the candle out~ xD

after the birthday girl take out the candle..
her boyfiee help her to cut the cake.. 
how sweet of him~!

after cutting and eating cake~
is present time~!!

see~ how happy the birthday girl laugh??
the big box present from her beloved.. ♥

open-ing~ open-ing~ 

taaaaadaa~! it was a doll.. puppy doll~!
she love it a lotsss.. 

thankyou kiss for her boyfiee.. =) 
*sorry for the blur picture.. 

after that is time to ciao~ 
before ciao~
we took some picture again~ =)

hahaha.. from short to tall~ 
i admit i'm short~ -,-''

our gang~ but so sorry for huikuan boyfiee.. 
hahahaha.. not my problem this time.. cause i'm not the one who holding the camera.. 
the one who holding the camera is huikuan brother.. 

ending my post with me and huimin picture~!
hope you guys enjoy reading my blog~
thank you~!!

is time to bed now~ 
gonna update about today went to tenji dinner yea~
stay tuned~!! ♥


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