Wednesday, November 10, 2010

monday - wednesday

afternoon people~!
sorry for the late update..
last few days was busying for my "beloved" assignment.. lol~!
kinda dead of it..
after i rush my law assignment..
and everyone said that the deadline is yesterday which is tuesday..
so i think everyone is rushing for that..
but but but~!
yesterday when everyone in the class..
guess what lecturer say??
please hang up your cousework on next week..
ewwww~!! if you tell us earlier that the deadline been changed..
i still can relax and enjoy for awhile..
but nevermind..
since i'm done.. i let you to checked it..
whether is okay or not~
hurmm.. i need to do some correction of it..
luckily no need to re-do the whole part.. -,-''

my assignment..

what i did during monday and tuesday??

let's talk about monday~
that day is having morning class..
which is event class..
event class is having test..
omg~! i didn't study at all.. because of the day before the test~
i was rushing my law assignment..
when the question paper is given..
i'm so darn down..
because it is easy question..
but i don't know how to do at all..
equal to..
i pass up the blank paper.. T.T

here is our test booklet..
is so kua-jiong~
everyone i think they just use few pages..
some of them even only use 1 page.. xD
after doing the test..
we know that..
e-commerce class is cancel~!!
hahahaha.. everyone is jumping around..
plan plan plan~
where to go after class??
what to do??
back home??
no no no no~ 

having our lunch at Mc Donald..
while waiting the lunch time..
guess what we do?
girls maaa..

me and mon-key a.k.a wenny

take 2~!


me and yin~!!
p/s : she is just a visitor to Mc Donald.. cause she is not join us to shopping and play around..

me and xx

take 2~ did you guys realize something??
she had a hair cut~! she cut her hair from long become medium short... nice~!!

camwhore-ing~~~ hahahaXD

the boys

the boys~ take 2

minute maid pulpy~ from wenny a.k.a mon-key..
thank you~!!

me and WC~

after finish our meal at Mc Donald..
is time to move on~!!!
heading to times square..
but this time bear bear is not going to join us..
because she wanna study law..
and her friend all the way  don't know from where go to teach her..
so she not going to join us..
she is so hardworking huh~!

after arrived times square..
head to buy socks..
hahahahha.. last monday also like this..
this monday also the same..
went to i-socks to buy sock for bowling~!!
after choose which sock to buy..
pay money~~
let's GO~!

is time to bowling bowling bowling~!!

me and wenny~

xx leg~ hahahahaha..

me - xx - mon-key a.k.a wenny

slim and CCT~

slim.. with his plaster~ hahahaa..
he purposely use the plaster and stick it on his neck.. -,-''

this time we played 2 game.. 
the 1st game girls won~!!
hahahaha.. which means our sock is free.. ^^
the boys gonna pay for us.. 
muahahahhaa.. thankQieww guyss.. 
but for the 2nd game..
girl lose.. 
but~ we didn't lose anything.. hahahahaha.. 
just lose the game.. cause the boy say separate it with the 1st and 2nd game.. 
somehow they still need to pay for our socks.. xD
if girl lose then they no need to pay the full amount of it.. 
but we won at the 1st game.. 
so they need to pay the full amount~!!! 

after bowling we head to old town again..
is exactly same as last week~!
after bowling then old town..
chit chatting.. eating.. drinking.. 
enjoy my life..
after finish yam cha at old town~
is time to shopping~!!!
for me and wenny we wanted to buy a new bag..
so we go shop around the bag shop.. 

finally both of get what we want..
both of us also buy the white color bag.. 
same color but different design.. ^^
after that is time to go home..


as i say is law class..
and french class too~!
french class this time.. 
is kinda boring also..
the thing that she teach is hard and harder.. 
she gave us back for the test result..
ermm.. everyone is getting bad for the result..
almost everyone is dropping.. haihz
we need to try our best~!!!!!

after french class.. 
is law class turn..
but we late for one hour only get into class.. lol..
what we do??
we went to print our assignment.. 
buy food.. buy drink.. 
waiting for the aunty to bind our assignment..

on tuesday i kinda down..
due to the thing.. 
and i forgot to bring my phone along~
so insecure~! 
without my phone along.. =(
i was too rush when i go out.. 
so i left it inside my room..
luckily not lost it.. 

during law class.. 
camwhored again.. 

me and xx

take two~!

me and wenny * normal look * 

starting to become crazy.. lol~!!! 

both of us is really hyper~!! hahahahaha.. 


me and xx turn~ hahahahaha.. that day all of us really in-the-mood of taking picture.. hahahaXD

3 of us~ 
left bear bear~ cause she said she don't want to take picture.. =( *sad-ing*

see~ we're really crazy~!!



so that's all for my 3 in 1 post~!! 
hope you guys like it~
and thanks for reading my blog..

ending my post with my picture again~ *over-perasan-ing*

take care people.. 
nowadays weather is not good..
drink more water and bring umbrella whenever go out yea~!!

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